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Badge programs

Enhance student learning and receive a digital badge for completing one of our micro-credential programs.

Certificate programs

Develop research-informed and scholarly teaching expertise through our Certificates in University Teaching and Learning for graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and academic staff.

Awards program

Recognizing outstanding contributions to learning by individuals and groups in diverse teaching contexts.

Teaching and learning research program

We are committed to enhancing student learning by generating and supporting research that informs scholarly and culturally relevant teaching practices.

Discover something new

The Taylor Institute is home to many innovative programs tailored to academic staff, students and postdoctoral scholars. We support our university with future-focused program delivery and new initiatives in online and blended learning, experiential and work-integrated learning, program innovation, equity, diversity and inclusion, and Indigenous Ways of Knowing. We partner with others within and beyond UCalgary to strengthen teaching and learning communities, cultures, and practices locally, nationally, and internationally.

We aim to create meaningful opportunities to link networks of educational leaders, academic staff, postdoctoral scholars, students, and staff, and to encourage knowledge exchange, collaboration, and relationship-building across multiple levels of our institution. We offer scholarly programs, workshops, resources, and events on diverse topics for all experience levels.

We strive to provide flexibility and access across multiple learning modalities and platforms, and we value the lived experiences of educators, encouraging reflection, dialogue, learning, and growth. We create multiple points of engagement for those new to teaching and then provide ongoing activities to develop expertise, community, and leadership.

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Teaching Awards

The University of Calgary Teaching Awards program recognizes and celebrates outstanding contributions to teaching and learning.


We offer badge programs, or micro-credentials, across several different topics.

Certificates in University Teaching and Learning

The Taylor Institute offers certificate programs to graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and academic staff.

Teaching and Learning Research

Teaching and learning research enhances student learning by generating and supporting research informing scholarly and culturally relevant teaching practices.

PURE program

The PURE program makes it possible for students to work with on-campus experts to learn how research projects are developed, and how their results can contribute to new knowledge while solving problems in society.

Communities and forums

Participant-driven, online spaces dedicated to sharing experiences, strategies, and resources among academic staff and instructors.