Academic Staff Certificate in University Teaching and Learning


6 months (suggested)

Time commitment

3 - 4 hours per week 


Blended (online and in-class)



Program description

The Academic Staff Certificate in University Teaching and Learning provides you with an opportunity to acquire evidence-based teaching expertise, reflect on your practice and develop your teaching dossier.

Inspired by Kenny et al.’s (2017) Teaching Expertise Framework in Postsecondary Education, the certificate recognizes that university teaching is complex and multi-faceted, and that teaching expertise is developed through an ongoing learning process that continues over time (Hendry & Dean, 2002; Kreber, 2002). 

Through the program, you’ll become part of a cohort of scholars as you develop skills and confidence in supporting student learning, success and engagement. You’ll also document your understanding of teaching and learning into a robust dossier that reflects your evolving experience, goals and skills.

This certificate will enable professors, instructors, lecturers and other academic staff at different stages of career development to gain essential teaching skills and knowledge in order to excel in competitive academic environments.

Accredited by the Educational Developers’ Caucus of the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education.

Important information

Registration for Winter 2020 will open in November. 

Register early for cohort-based badge programs as spaces are limited. 


Course schedule 

Teaching and Learning Practices, Theories and Assessments
Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 

Inquiry and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning
Spring 2020

Educational Leadership and Mentorship
Spring 2020

You will learn to 

  • Select and implement evidence-based teaching practices within your own context to create meaningful learning experiences 

  • Examine, apply and critique key theories and/or methodologies in postsecondary teaching and learning 

  • Design and develop an aligned course, project, and/or activity that is learning-centred

  • Implement methods for assessing student learning and self-assessing your own teaching, scholarship and/or leadership practices      

  • Engage with, learn from and contribute to a cross-disciplinary community of peers

  • Describe and explore institutional priorities such as inclusivity, Indigenous engagement, mental health and internationalization as they relate to teaching and learning across multiple contexts

  • Document and critically reflect on your teaching/leadership philosophy, approaches and impact in a curated dossier

  • Formulate a plan to further develop your teaching, scholarship and/or leadership practices

Program format

You will need to complete Teaching and Learning Practices, Theories and Assessments (required) as a pre-requisite for the other two courses. Afterwards, you can choose between Inquiry and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning and Educational Leadership and Mentorship to complete the certificate. 


Teaching and Learning Practices, Theories and Assessments

Explore teaching and learning practices, theories, and assessments as they relate to your teaching context and priorities. You will engage in conversations and activities that are grounded in a learning-centered, evidence-based approach which focuses on students’ learning as well as your own.


Inquiry and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning

Engage in cross-disciplinary conversations about learning-centered inquiry and scholarship in teaching and learning. You will consider your teaching and learning context and to critically explore general and discipline-specific teaching and learning scholarship.

Lisa and Morgan

Educational Leadership and Mentorship

Examine educational leadership and mentorship practices, including supervision, through the lens of mentorship. You will articulate an educational leadership and mentorship philosophy statement, and document your learning and growth in a curated dossier.


Natasha Kenny

Dr. Natasha Kenny, PhD

Senior Director, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Carol Berenson

Dr. Carol Berenson, PhD

Educational Development Consultant, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

Leslie Reid

Dr. Leslie Reid, PhD

Vice-Provost (Teaching and Learning), University of Calgary