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Course Design Program

Get a digital badge — or micro-credential — for completing the Course Design program offered by the Taylor Institute.

Course Design Badge


Jan. 5 – Apr. 28, 2023

Time commitment

9 – 12 hours


Online | A combination of asynchronous (D2L) and synchronous courses. Participants can choose which courses are best suited to their needs.

Program overview

The Course Design Program uses evidence-based practical strategies to help inform and direct your course design. The program includes student-centred learning topics to help you through complete course designs or re-designs, developing your course outline, planning assessments, and promoting student engagement. The flexible format uses both asynchronous and synchronous approaches for participants to engage with the material, each other and the facilitators. This program will help you to develop an overall course design plan and identify practical strategies for designing, teaching, and evaluating your course, whether your course is online, in the classroom, or blended.

Program details

This program is open to academic staff, graduate students, postdoctoral scholars and staff at the University of Calgary.

By completing the required elements, participants can quality for the Course Design Program badge. Requirements include: 

  • Writing course learning outcomes 

  • Creating an assessment blueprint 

  • Completing a course design plan and reflection 

  • Participation in the program

Once you have registered in the required course, Foundations of Course Design, you will automatically be enrolled in the badge program. You will still need to register for any other optional courses that you wish to take.


You will have opportunities to engage in the following: 

  • Conduct a front-end analysis in order to identify important elements in your course design 

  • Write effective course learning outcomes for your course Select and sequence course content 

  • Identify practical constraints for your course and select strategies to mitigate them 

  • Choose student assessment strategies that are an accurate measure of the course learning outcomes 

  • Select teaching and learning activities in alignment with course learning outcomes and assessment strategies 

  • Evaluate your course design 

  1. Required courses

    Note: Once you have registered in the required course, you will automatically be enrolled in the badge program. You will still need to register in any optional courses you wish to take.

  2. Recommended courses (complete any two or more)

    • Writing learning outcomes 

    • Engaging Students online 

    • Designing engaging online synchronous session 

    • Student assessment 

    • Learner-centered course outline 

    • Creating a flipped lesson

    • Universal design for learning

    If there are other courses you are interested in taking that are not on this list, please send an email to Patrick Kelly

  3. Assignments required for badge

    1. Assignment 1: Course Design Proposal 
      1. Course learning outcomes 
      2. Student learning experience 

    2. Assignment 2: Final Project 

      1. Alignment chart that includes course learning outcomes, appropriate assessment strategies, and essential activities. 

      2. Reflection from two option workshops and how you have incorporated them into your course design 

      3. Detailed description of 1 course assignment/assessment 


Patrick Kelly

Manager, Learning and Instructional Design

Lin Yu

Learning & Instructional Design Specialist