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Student Academic Integrity: A Handbook for Academic Staff and Teaching Assistants


This guide is intended for academic staff at the University of Calgary, though it may also be useful to others on campus including graduate and undergraduate teaching assistants (TAs) and students. It is intended to serve as a companion to the Academic Integrity Student Handbook.

This guide is focused on, and limited to, academic integrity as it pertains to students. It does not address other forms of misconduct, such as issues relating to employee misconduct, (e.g., breaches of research ethics, research integrity or publication ethics). This guide also does not address issues related to non-academic misconduct (e.g., harassment or bullying).

Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD | Associate Professor, Werklund School of Education, and Educational Leader in Residence (Academic Integrity), Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary

This guide is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons — Attribution Non-Commerical License 4.0 International, which permits sharing and adapting of this material, provided the original work is properly attributed (see recommended citation below), any changes are clearly indicated, and the material is not used for commercial purposes.

Recommended Citation

Eaton, S. E. (2022). Student Academic Integrity: A Handbook for Academic Staff and Teaching Assistants. University of Calgary, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning Guide Series.