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Dr. D'Arcy Norman

Pronouns: he/him/his


Associate Director, Learning Technologies & Design

Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, TI Learning Technology and Design Team

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Office: +1 (403) 220-2504


Educational Background

BSc Zoology, University of Calgary, 1992

BEd Secondary Science, University of Calgary, 1994

MSc Educational Technology, University of Calgary, 2013

PhD Computational Media Design, University of Calgary, 2023


I am Associate Director, Learning Technologies & Design, in the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Calgary. My portfolio includes the Learning Technologies Group and the Learning & Instructional Design Group, as well as our graduate student Learning Technology Coaches. I am fortunate to work with an absolutely amazing team, and am constantly inspired and impressed by the work they do. Which means that I have the best job on campus.


I completed my PhD research in the interdisciplinary Computational Media Design program at the University of Calgary, where I explored the connections between the built environment (spaces and technologies), performance (what people do, the actions they perform), and their effects on teaching and learning.

From the Official Staff Bio™:

D’Arcy leads the Learning Technologies & Design Team in finding and developing technology platforms that enhance student learning, and in collaborating with instructors and faculty leadership to adopt and support new learning technologies.

He has spent the bulk of his career at the University of Calgary. He started as a web and multimedia developer, building the first online courses in the Faculty of Nursing, before moving into the role of education technology consultant at the Teaching and Learning Centre, and then IT partner. He holds bachelor’s degrees in zoology and education, and completed his master’s in educational technology in 2013.

D’Arcy is a strong supporter of open education, which entails using technology to eliminate barriers and broaden access to learning. He is interested in how technologies can be opened up to people to enable them to freely publish, collaborate and share knowledge.

My work supports the meaningful integration of learning technologies to support student learning, through development of new tools, incorporation of existing tools, and through collaboration and support of instructors.

I’m interested in how technologies can be used to empower and connect individuals and to form rich collaboration and foster active communities of learning. My MSc thesis explored how students interacted with each other in a traditional institutional learning management system in comparison to individually-owned weblogs.

My PhD dissertation research integrated the disciplines of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). From the abstract:

This dissertation proposes and systematically explores the potential for integrating the distinct but overlapping disciplines of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). This work of integration is approached through a series of research projects from different perspectives, demonstrating the potential for adapting concepts from the design and formal analysis of video games to enrich the study of course designs and of understanding the varied experiences of instructors and students. Video games provide a useful point of integration between HCI and SoTL, specifically through concepts and principles employed in the design of video games, and through the adaptation of research methods that have been developed to enable formal analysis of video games.

More Information

Book Chapters

Goldsworthy, S., Kenny, N., Norman, D., Kelly, P. (2020). Updating the Traditional Classroom. in Page-Cutura, K., Bradley, P. (editors). The Role of the Nurse Educator in Canada. pp.171-198, Canadian Association of Schools of Nursing, Ottawa.

Peer-reviewed publications

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Conference presentations and seminars

Norman, D. & Parker, M. (2024). A Responsive, Student-led Architecture Video Game WIL Design Studio: Designing and evaluating innovating learning spaces using Unreal Engine 5 as an architecture tool. University of Calgary Conference on Post-Secondary Learning and Teaching. (Regional conference – Alberta).

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University Committees
  • ELMS (Enterprise Learning Management Steering Committee) (member, 2023-)
  • Learning Spaces Team (member, 2023-)
  • USRI Technology Implementation Steering Committee (2022-)
  • Learning Technologies Advisory Committee. (Co-chair, 2019-)
  • Information Asset Management Committee. (GFC TLC Representative, 2019-)
  • University of Calgary Teaching & Learning Grants adjudication. (2017-)
  • General Faculties Council, Teaching & Learning Committee. (Non-voting member, 2015-)
  • Copyright Committee. (member, 2015-)
Departmental Committees
  • Taylor Institute Program Approval Committee. (2021-)
  • Taylor Institute Indigenous Strategy Working Group. (2021-)
  • Taylor Institute Learning Spaces Working Group. (Co-chair, 2020-)
  • Faculty of Nursing Community of Scholarship of Teaching, Learning and Technology committee. (TI representative, 2018)
  • Taylor Institute Conference Committee. (2015-)
In the media

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