Applying for summer research studentships

A step-by-step guide for students

This resource will guide you through submitting an application for a summer studentship with the University of Calgary. You may only submit one application, and that application will be considered for all awards you are eligible for in the system.

If you wish to download a PDF guide or watch a video, you can also access that on this page.

What are summer studentships?

Summer studentships are opportunities for students to experience research outside of the classroom, pursue research passions and work with UCalgary researchers. Summer studentships take place over the spring/summer. Awards are valued at $3750 for 8 weeks, $5625 for 12 weeks and $7500 for 16 weeks.

What is required to submit an application?

You will need a supervisor who is willing to provide supervision to you over the course of your studentship. Eligible supervisors include:

  • Full-time UCalgary Academic Staff
  • Assistant, associate and full professors (research stream)
  • Assistant, associate and full professors (teaching stream)
  • Clinical faculty appointments
  • Librarians, archivists, curators (who are full-time academic staff)

Professors emeritus with an active UCID UCalgary academic staff who are not full-time can co-supervise but will require an eligible full-time academic staff member to co-supervise and be listed as the primary reference on the application. Eligible co-supervisors include:

  • Sessional or affiliated instructors
  • Postdoctoral fellowship holders
  • Guest Postdoctoral scholars
  • Adjunct professors and instructors
  • Postdoctoral associates

Before you begin

Before you get started, keep in mind you can always start the application and return to edit and complete it later. The system will automatically save your answers as you go through the application.

Screenshot of AwardSpring landing page.

Screenshot of application system landing page.

Please note that you will be unable to complete an application without a supervisor, as you will need to complete part of this application with your supervisor. Supervisors can also only support two students doing a summer studentship.

To begin

To begin, log into with your UCalgary credentials (username and password).

When you log into the system, you will see three tabs on the left: Dashboard, Scholarships and Application.


The dashboard is where you will find an overview of your application, including the progress of your application and any outstanding items. Key elements of the dashboard include:

  1. A progress bar and button to start the application.
  2. Number of items requiring completion. This box is always present and indicates how many items need to be completed.

Start application


The scholarship tab is where you will find a list of all the available awards in the system, along with an overview and eligibility requirements for each award.

Available awards

  • Alberta Innovates Summer Research Studentship
  • National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate
  • Student Research Awards (NSERC USRA)
  • Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI) Summer Research
  • Scholarship
  • Biomedical Engineering (BME) Summer Research Studentships
  • Libin Cardiovascular Institute Summer Studentships
  • McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health Summer Research Studentship
  • O’Brien Centre Summer Studentship (OCSS)
  • Alberta Cancer Foundation
  • Program for Undergraduate Research Experience (PURE)
  • Dianne LaFlamme-McCauley Summer Research Studentship


The application has four sections that all need to be completed before you can successfully submit.

Part A: Demographic Questions

Part B: Award Eligibility Questions

Part C: Research Project Details & Supervisor Letter

Part D: Consent and Acknowledgement

If any sections show as “In Progress”, one of the fields was left blank. All fields are required and if you miss any, they will be highlighted in yellow as shown below.

Screenshot of application dashboard after logging in.

Application dashboard after logging in.

Screenshot showing the progress bar on the dashboard tab.

Progress bar indication how much of the application has been complete and any outstanding items.

Screenshot of the list of awards under the scholarship tab.

List of awards in the application system under the scholarship tab.

Screenshot of a highlighted field that has been left blank and needs to be completed.

A highlighted field that has been left blank and needs to be completed.

Part A: Demographic Questions

The University of Calgary is committed to creating an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible campus. We recognize that to advance equity and inclusion on our campus, we need to understand the demographics of our campus community. The following section aims to understand better equity, diversity, and inclusion (“EDI”) in research at the University of Calgary, and to increase equitable and inclusive access to funding opportunities.

Purposes for Collection of Self-Identification & Demographic Information

The information collected through this application will be used to evaluate our applicant composition, support EDI in our people practices, support evidence-based decision-making by allowing us to identify patterns and trends in award applications and allocations, and address student barriers that may impede an individual’s success within the University. The data collected will help us measure our progress in building an equitable and inclusive award program and inform our EDI policies, practices, processes, and strategies.

When reporting results for these purposes, all answers will be presented in aggregate form, including for members of equity-deserving groups (women, Indigenous peoples, racialized/visible minorities, persons with disabilities, and LGBTQ2S+). Reports will never be disaggregated in a way that would allow individuals to be identified.

In addition to the above purposes, and subject to your consent, the information collected through this application will also be used to determine your eligibility for funding programs designed with an ameliorative objective and targeted to certain groups, such as the NSERC USRA for Black students or the CIHR REDI Early Career Transition Award for Black students or racialized women students.

If you do not wish your information to be used for the purposes of determining your eligibility for funding programs such as those described above, please select prefer not to answer in response to the questions in this section.

Part B: Award Eligibility Questions

As you complete the Award Eligibility Questions, the system will automatically determine the awards for which you are eligible, based on your responses to the questions in this section. Please answer these questions thoroughly and honestly.

Part C: Research Project Details & Supervisor Letter

This section of the application is comprised of your research project details and supervisor letter, which you will complete in collaboration with your supervisor. You will be asked to include several details about your proposed research project. Ensure that you are aware of the word count parameters for each section.

This part is crucial as your application is adjudicated based on this section. Please try to be clear and concise.

Do not send your supervisor letter request without providing information about your research project in the Message to Recipient text field. Your supervisor will need to verify and endorse your application so please ensure that this step is completed for you to be eligible for a summer studentship.

Please include details of the following:

  • Period of award sought
  • Title of the proposed research project
  • Overview/abstract of the research project
  • Originality, creativity and significance
  • Potential benefit
  • Relevant experience

You will need to enter the correct e-mail address for your supervisor in the “Recipient Email” text box. This ensures that they receive the details of your research project, can verify it and endorse your application. You can only enter one e-mail address. Your supervisor request cannot be sent to multiple addresses.

Please double check and ensure that you are entering the correct name and email address so that the request goes to your supervisor of choice. Failure to receive endorsement from your supervisor will render you ineligible.

You will receive a notification by e-mail indicating that your
supervisor has completed their portion of the application.

Part D: Consent and Acknowledgement

In this final section, you will provide consent to share the information in your application with reviewers and program staff and guarantee all answers in Parts B and C were confirmed by your supervisor.

Include an electronic signature and add the correct date.

Your personal information will not be disclosed or used for any other purposes other than as described in the application without your direct consent.

Once you have submitted your application, you can click on the Scholarships tab on the left-hand menu. Now you will be able to see which awards you are eligible for based on the responses in your application. You will see “Applied” in the status column beside any of the awards you are eligible for and “Not Qualified” beside awards you are not eligible for.

Screenshot showing research project details in the application portal.

Research project details in part C of the application.

Screenshot showing supervisor letter section in the application portal.

The supervisor letter section in the application.

Screenshot of the scholarships tab indicating status of the application.

Scholarships tab indicating the status of the application.

Important dates

Feb. 2, 2024

Student application deadline

Feb. 9, 2024

Supervisor deadline