Past PURE recipients

The PURE program started in 2009 and has funded 500+ undergraduate research projects in the last five years alone.

In 2023, 113 undergraduate students conducted research with the support of PURE.

Student:  Aminreza Abbasi
Supervisor: Dr. Farhad Maleki
Project title: Precision Agriculture with Deep Learning: Enhancing Wheat Yield Through Yolov8-Based Wheat Head Detection

Student: Omar Ahmed
Supervisor:  Dr. Benjamin Tan
Project title: The Code Detective: Investigating the Fingerprints of AI-Generated Code

Student: Maather Al Rawahi
Supervisor: Arne Dankers
Project title: Pipeline Leak Detection

Student: Lauryn Anderson
Supervisor:  Wesley Willett
Project title: Flavourframe: Visualizing Tasting Experiences

Student: Anika Arora
Supervisor:  Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos
Project title: Transitions in Care for Youth and Young Adults with Eating Disorders

Student: Sumanyu Arya
Supervisor: Dr.Mea Wang
Project title: Enhancing 360-Degree Video Streaming Quality With Vmaf- Based Adaptation Algorithm

Student: Sigma Azad
Supervisor:  Dr. Justin Weinhardt, Ivy Mai (PhD student)
Project title: Recruitment Study: Examining Trade-Offs Between Autonomy and Salary for Recruits.

Student: Hridika Banik
Supervisor:  Ann Barcomb
Project title: Unveiling the Spectrum of Challenges in Automl: A Taxonomy of Bugs Across Software, Machine Learning, And Autogpt Projects

Student:  Anisha Bapodra
Supervisor: Dr. Maria Zytaruk
Project title: INKING HISTORY: Global and Local Perspectives in Ink-Printing

Student: Nick Basilio
Supervisor:  Dr. William Bridel
Project title: Autoethnography of A Queer Racialized Runner

Student: Skye Baxter
Supervisor:  Maria Victoria Guglietti
Project title: The Role of Political Discourse in Perpetuating Healthcare Inequality

Student: Kate Beck
Supervisor:  Professor Michael Ullyot
Project title: Evaluating Shakespeare’s Flexibility Through Filmed Theatre

Supervisor:  Dr. Claudia Gomes da Rocha
Project title: Modelling Neuromorphic Random Nanowire Networks

Student: Elizabeth BENEDIKTSDOTTIR
Supervisor:  Dr. Jennifer Zwicker
Project title: Implementing Planet Youth in Calgary: Comparative Analysis of Albertan And Icelandic Youth Policies

Student: Oluwatamilore Benson
Supervisor:  Dr. Arti Modgill
Project title: Deconstructing the Intersectionality of Black Women in Sports Media: A Textual Analysis on Sha’carri Richardson’s Response to the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Fallout

Student: Nadia Bibi
Supervisor:  Dr. Ranita Manocha
Project title: A Novel Mobile Application Is a Feasible Tool to Teach Nursing Students About Walking Aids

Student: Adel Botchey
Supervisor:  Dr Matthew Clarke
Project title: Microalgal Cultivation and Production of Lipids and Proteins

Student: Mathew Bulger
Supervisor: Dr. Edward Roberts
Project title: Polarity Reversal for Electrocoagulation in Water Treatment: Hydrogen Production by Aluminum And Its Effects

Student: Sukhreet Kaur Chahal
Supervisor: Lorenzo De Carli
Project title: How Much AI-Written Code Hides in Popular Software Projects?

Student: Daniel Chang
Supervisor:  Qingrun Zhang
Project title: Quantifying Contributions of Peer Review to Scientific Discovery

Student: Dean Chantler
Supervisor:  Dr. Michael Ullyot
Project title: Pure Dahl

Student: Amal Chaudhary
Supervisor:  Dr. Christopher Mody
Project title: How Is Dendritic Cell Immunoparalysis by Cryptococcus Gattii Reversed by Cytochalasin D

Student: Zeeshan Chougle
Supervisor:  Dr. Gouri Ginde Deshpande
Project title: Enhancing Software Task Dependency Prediction: A Synergistic Approach with Active Learning and Bert

Student: Melody Chu
Supervisor:  Bin Hu, Justyna Sarna, Taylor Chomiak
Project title: Harmonizing the Mind and Body: Investigating the Modulation of Cognitive Abilities Through Physical Activities and Music – A Wearable Sensor-Based Interventional Study

Student: Marcus Demierre
Supervisor:  Emma Spanswick
Project title: New HF Radio Measurements to Explore Ionospheric Electron Density

Student: Chi Dinh
Supervisor: Dr. Donna M. Slater
Project title: Temporal Effect of Prostaglandin E2 And Dexamethasone on Rasd1 and Rhoq Expression in Human Myometrial Smooth Muscle Cells

Student: Birinder Doad
Supervisor:  Dr. Faisal M. Khan
Project title: Use of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs) For Post-Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) Chimerism Monitoring: Informativeness Is the Key

Student: Tom Drysdall
Supervisor:  Dr. Eve Robinson
Project title: Effects of Conductivity on The Zooplankton Community Composition and Abundance of Opportunistic Wetlands In Reclaimed Oil Sands Area

Student: Lara Dsouza
Supervisor:  Pinaki Bose
Project title: Improved Prognosis In H-Positive Oropharyngeal Cancers Is Associated with Suppression of Tgf-Beta-Mediated Immune Evasion

Student: Abdallah El Gendy
Supervisor: Dr. Joule Bergerson
Project title: Life Cycle Assessment of Energy Storage Materials

Student: Aly Elgarhy
Supervisor:  Dr. Megan Engel
Project title: Modeling ATP Synthase Using Differentiable Programming

Student: Jasmine El-Hacha
Supervisor:  Dr. Tonya Callaghan
Project title: Fully Alive” Or “Fully A Lie”? A Critical Discourse Analysis of Catholic School Textbooks

Student: Ammar Elzeftawy
Supervisor:  Dr. Gouri Ginde
Project title: ROI Tool

Student: Hayley Enns
Supervisor:  Dr. Noreen Humble
Project title: Indigenous Enslavement: A Comparison Between the Spartan Helots and Indigenous People in North America

Student: Elizabeth Feddema
Supervisor:  Dr. Cari Din
Project title: The Art of Coaching: Exploring Undergraduate Student Coaches’ Learning in A Student-Centred Course.

Student: Riley Fedoruk
Supervisor:  Richard Dyck
Project title: Is Zinc Signaling Necessary for The Antidepressant Action of Psychedelics?

Student:  Braden Foxcroft
Supervisor:  Robin Cockett
Project title: Expanding the CAMPL Programming Language

Student: Ya'ara Gurel
Supervisor: Dr. Elizabeth Ritter
Project title: Gender-Inclusive Speech in A Language with Abinary Gender System: Innovations in Hebrew

Student: Eric Guzman
Supervisor:  Roland Roesler
Project title: Catalytic H/D Exchange of Methane Using NHC Complexes

Student: Ehecatl Guzman Aparicio
Supervisor:  Peter Tieleman
Project title: Identification of Specific Blockers for The SLC4 Protein Family

Student: Shanaya Harjai
Supervisor:  Beth Archer-Kuhn
Project title: COVID-19 Isolation Mental Health Impact Among Diverse Alberta Senior-Home Residents

Student:  Hollingsworth, Noah
Supervisor:  Shannon Parker
Project title: Utilizing the Quiet Eye in Nursing Education: A Possible Solution to PIVC Complications

Student: Rebecca Holm
Supervisor:  Dr Stephen MacGrego
Project title: Gender Identity Policy as Discourse: An Environmental Scan of Alberta’s Public and Separate School Authorities

Student: Arshad Hossain
Supervisor:  Dr. Aggrey Mwesigye
Project title: Investigation of The Thermodynamic Performance of Parabolic Trough Solar Collector Systems Using Supercritical CO2

Student: Hayley Huston
Supervisor:  Dr. Brandy L. Callahan
Project title: The Influence of Vascular Health on Cognition In older Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Student: Ellen Huynh
Supervisor:  Dr. Susan P. Lees-Mille
Project title: Characterization of Cell Cycle Progression in DNA-PKcs-Deficient Cells

Student:  Christine Janacek
Supervisor:  Dr. Sylvia Sleep
Project title: Canadian Net-Zero Emissions Energy Network

Student: Bhumika Karhana
Supervisor:  Dr Gillman Payette
Project title: Computational Complexity of Measuring Inconsistencies in Databases

Student: Cody Kelly 
Supervisor: Janna Klostermann
Project title: What Supports and Constrains Working-Class Parents’ Active Participation in Family Caregiving?

Student: Tapisa Kilabuk
Supervisor:  Adam Murry, PHD
Project title: isumaksaqsiuttiarniq: INU-WHAT? - A Mixed-Method Study on The Missing ‘I’ Of FNMI In Indigenous Studies

Student: Sarah Krassman
Supervisor: Dr. Darin Flynn
Project title: Strange Bedfellows: Signed Vs. Spoken Language Phonology



Student: Aaron Lengyel
Supervisor: Carlo Maria Scandolo
Project title: A Possibilistic Theory of The Qubit

Student: Alexanna Little
Supervisor: Dr. Robin Cockett
Project title: The Semantics of Categorical Message Passing Language

Student: Emilie Lui
Supervisor:  Dr. Paul Stortz
Project Title: Lived Experiences of Gender-Diverse, Young Adult Immigrants in Alberta

Student: Kaylee Ma
Supervisor:  Dr. Agnes Tam
Project Title: Rethinking the Social Practice of Microaggressions

Student: Maya Macisaac-Jones
Supervisor:  Dr. Sheri Madigan
Project Title: The Prevalence of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) In Sexual and Gender Diverse Populations: A Meta-Analysis

Student: Menna Mahmoud
Supervisor: Dr. Samantha Thrift 
Project title: Touring the Other: An Analysis on Whiteness and Othering Through Social Media Influencing and Tourism

Student: Ethan Mahony
Supervisor:  Dr. Michael Adorjan
Project title: The Institutionalization of Youth In 20th Century Canada: The Juvenile Delinquents Act and The Indian Act

Student: Amanda McConnachie
Supervisor:  Dr. Midha
Project title: The Analysis of Nerve Contributions Following RETS Transfer

Student: Matthew McDougall
Supervisor:  Dr. Marie Charbonneau
Project title: Re-Engineering the Culture: Perspectives of The Feminine- Identifying and Queer Engineering Student

Student: Paul McKenzie
Supervisor:  Dr. Kathryn Schneider
Project title: Pre-Season Clinical Outcomes in Youth Rugby Players in Canada and South Africa

Student: Niki Mehri
Supervisor: Dr. Ryan Peters
Project title: Electrical Vestibular Stimulation to Improve Balance and Gait In Older Adults

Student: Ayman Mohammed,
Supervisor: Timothy Shutt
Project title: Functional Characterization of Top1mt Variants and Role in Autoimmune diseases

Student: Eron MUEL
Supervisor:  Carla Ginn
Project title: Exploring Reasons Why There Are Gendered Differences in Rates of Opioid Overdoses at Supervised Consumption Services

Student: Patrick Ng
Supervisor:  Dr. Yeonjung Lee
Project title: Examining Anti-Asian Racism, Psychological Well-Being, And Coping Strategies Among Older Adults

Student: Nathan Ngo
Supervisor: David Feder 
Project title: Ground State of Spin-Orbit Coupled Atoms in Two-Dimensional Lattice

Student: Riley Ngo
Supervisor:  Dr. Jan Storek
Project title: Determination of Factors Influencing the Pharmacokinetics of Anti-Thymocyte Globulin (ATG)

Student: Anh Nguyen
Supervisor: Kangsoo Kim
Project title: Impact of Immersive Virtual Experience on Implicit Racial Bias

Student: Malea Nguyen
Supervisor: Dr. Gordon Campbell Teskey
Project title: Hyperoxia After Febrile Seizures and Memory Recognition in Neonatal Rats

Student: Phuong Thao Nguyen
Supervisor:  Geoffrey Messier
Project title: Predicting Icu Stay Duration with Enhanced Accuracy and Interpretability

Student: Deborah Ola
Supervisor:  Nathan Peters
Project title: Evasion of Neutrophil Defence Mechanisms by The Intracellular Parasite Leishmania

Student: Nancy on
Supervisor:  Mary Dunbar
Project title: Risk Factors and Outcomes in Fetal Stroke: A Cross-Sectional Study

Student: Joel Ozeroff
Supervisor:  Dr. Daniel Oblak
Project title: Characterization of Loop Gap Resonator for Microwave-Optical Transduction

Student: Parita Patel
Supervisor:  Dr. Marjan Eggermont
Project title: Community-Designed Climate Action Inspired by Nature

Student: Elicia Pauls
Supervisor:  Sam Yeaman
Project title: Assessing the Conservation of Genomic Landscapes of Nucleotide Diversity in Seed Plants Over Evolutionary Time

Student: Frances Pescante
Supervisor:  George Shimizu
Project title: Phenyl-Appended 𝜷-Diketone Linkers in The Synthesis of Metal Organic Frameworks with Various M2+ And M3+ Metals

Student: Apolline Pistek
Supervisor: Vincent Gabriel
Project title: Mechanical Impact of Thermal Injury and Split-Thickness Skin Grafting In Cutaneous Tissue

Student: Shannon Pokojoy
Supervisor:  Dimitrios Skordos
Project title: Perception of Focus Prosody Across Contexts: An Acoustic Analysis

Student: Katie QIN
Supervisor:  Dr. Nancy Janovice
Project title: Ethnic Foodways of Calgary's Forest Lawn – A Historic Map Of 17th Avenue Southeast

Student: Yury Romanov
Supervisor:  Dr. Karl Riabowol
Project title: Phylogeny and Cellular Localization of ING1a Protein

Student: Parnika Sakhtivel
Supervisor:  Dr. Anand D Jeyasekharan
Project title: Evaluation of A Novel Protein for Diagnosis and Therapy In T-Cell Lymphoma and Sarcoma

Student: Rowan Sali
Supervisor:  Dr. Dimitrios Skordos
Project title: Every Adult Has Consistent Truth Value Judgements or They Don't: An Examination of Ordering Bias in Adults When the Universal Quantifier Is Scoped Over the Disjunctive Operator

Student: Sohail Samady
Supervisor:  Saied Jalal Aboodarda
Project title: The Validity and Reliability of Wearable Technology to Identify Performance Fatigability in Healthy Population

Student: Kevin Sandal
Supervisor:  Meadow Schroeder
Project title: G.E.A.R.S.: Gamification for Supporting the Transition of ADHD & LD Youth to Post-Secondary Education

Student: Umair Shafiq
Supervisor:  Dr. Hector De la Hoz Siegler
Project title: High Yield Batch Conversion of Hog Fuel to Furfural

Student: Glorianna Sin
Supervisor:  Dr. Brae Anne McArthur
Project title: Suicidal Ideations and Behaviour in Transgender Youth: A Meta-Analysis

Student: Armaan Singh
Supervisor: Bin Hu
Project title: Evaluation of Confounding Factors Influencing the Six-Minute Walk Test in Healthy Subjects Using the Ambulosono Wearable Sensor

Student: Sarthak Singh
Supervisor:  Gilad Gour
Project title: Computation of Relative Min Entropy in Quantum Bits

Student: Michelle Tang
Supervisor: Carla Coffin
Project title: Producing Recombinant Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus (Whv) Surface Antigen Proteins and Antibodies for Use in Optimizing Diagnostic Immunoassays for Woodchuck Hepatitis Virus

Student: Aminreza Tavakoli Khorassani
Supervisor:  Deniz Sezer
Project title: Forecasting Solar Irradiance

Student: Jasmine Teed
Supervisor:  Assistant Professor Nazario Robles Bastida & Assistant Professor Nestar Russell
Project title: Enhancing Scholarly Creativity When Developing a Thesis Question

Student: Gabriela Tejada
Supervisor:  Tricia Stadnyk
Project title: Snowmelt Lysimeter

Student: Reynuel THORNTON
Supervisor: Hieu Ngo
Project title: Creating A Way: Highlighting Unique Aspects of The Black Youth Experience in Calgary

Student: Kailyn Tourney
Supervisor:  Dr. Maria Zytaruk
Project title: The Seeds of Paper in One’s Own Backyard

Student: Thomas TRI
Supervisor:  Dr. Ajwang’ Warria

Project title: Mapping Experiences Of (Un)Safety Amongst Lgbtq+ Newcomers

Student: Ben Ulisnyak
Supervisor:  Dr. Timothy Friesen
Project title: Identifying Contaminants in The Alpha Antimatter Trap

Student: Fatima Warraich
Supervisor:  David Hall
Project title: Navigating the Human Angle in Wildlife Management: Exploring Wood Bison, Disease, And Beliefs

Student: Lila Webb
Supervisor: Dr. Susan Boon
Project title: Bisexuality in Research

Student: Darnell Wyke
Supervisor:  Dr. Victoria Guglietti
Project title: Representing the Underrepresented: Exploring How Diverse Groups Are Represented in CBC News Media and How Self-Identifying Diverse Journalists Are Challenging Traditional Practices to Deliver Impactful Stories About Underrepresented Communities

Student: Eric Yu
Supervisor:  Peter Dunfield
Project title: DMSO Degradation Capability of Paint Pots Soil

Student:  Zetina, Carlos
Supervisor:  Cristian Rios
Project title: Modeling Human Migrations



Student: Luis Abalo Sangervasi
Supervisor: Jeroen Stil
Project title: Investigating magnetic turbulence in spiral galaxies

Student: Camilla Abdrazakov
Supervisor: Gias Uddin
Project title: Security trend analysis with topic model

Student: Ahmed Abdullah
Supervisor: Mohammad Moshirpour
Project title: Supporting the transition to a virtual world in the education and healthcare sectors

Student: Justin Acton
Supervisor: Beaumie Kim
Project title: Infinite habitat - Customized gaming to engage diverse youth

Student: Nurgul Akhshatayeva
Supervisor: Artem Korobenko
Project title: Computational modelling of atmospheric flow over complex environmental terrains

Student: Nour Almriri
Supervisor: Craig Johansen
Project title: High-speed UAVS video motion analysis and propeller engine mathmatical modelling

Student: Mohamed (Sherif) Aly
Supervisor: Roes (Arief) Budiman
Project title: Self-balancing unicycle

Student: Eric Anklovitch
Supervisor: Cari Din
Project title: From following recipes to creating them: Enriching experiential learning in labs through a community of practice and systematic reflection

Student: Ahmed Anwar
Supervisor: Kartikeya Murari
Project title: Programming a microcontroller to function as a lock-in amplifier

Student: Mackenzie Aranas
Supervisor: Ariane Cantin
Project title: A study on macroinvertebrate diversity in urban wetlands

Student: Emily Atallah
Supervisor: Roland Roesler
Project title: Supramolecular coordination clusters and covalently-bonded molecular sorbents for reversible lithium extraction from brines

Student: Ahmad Awan
Supervisor: Simon Park
Project title: Turning waste into carbon fiber

Student: Margaret (Maggie) Ayriss
Supervisor: Maria Victoria Guglietti
Project title: Defining the dissemination of reproductive and sexual health information: An examination of Canadian medical reproductive and sexual health discourse

Student: Jinyoung (Julie) Baek
Supervisor: Yeonjung Lee
Project title: From exploring factors influencing older adults’ life satisfaction during COVID-19 to suggest recommendations

Student: Grace Bailey
Supervisor: Fariba Aghajafari
Project title: The stigma surrounding refugee/immigrant populations with COVID-19 status- scoping review

Student: Janita Basit
Supervisor: Faisal Masood Khan
Project title: Natural killer cell related molecular identifiers to improve outcomes of pediatric allogeneic hematopoietic cell transplantation

Student: Kristen Beechey
Supervisor: Erin Spring
Project title: Best practices for Alberta science teachers engaging with citizen science

Student: Noah Bensler
Supervisor: Joern Davidsen
Project title: Analysis and correlation of substrate and slider behaviour in a two-dimensional spring-slider discrete element model

Student: Catherine Betancourt Lee
Supervisor: Kim Johnston
Project title: Factors that influence the connection between engineering self-efficacy and life habits

Student: Tithi Bhatt
Supervisor: Faizal Abdul Careem
Project title: Vaccine evaluation against an emerging strain of avian coronavirus

Student: Francesco Bisiach
Supervisor: Casey Hubert
Project title: Viability of deep subsurface thermophilic endospores

Student: Grace Bogowicz
Supervisor: Tonya Callaghan
Project title: Investigating the experiences of LBGTQ+ youth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student: Maximilian Brant
Supervisor: Carrie Simone Shemanko
Project title: “KAPS” lock – A bold investigation of the role of KAP1 in mammary gland development

Student: Jasleen Brar
Supervisor: Adela Kincaid
Project title: Applied research and learning; An evaluation of student partnerships with Indigenous-focused organizations and Indigenous communities

Student: Shehzaad Brar
Supervisor: Amir Nezhad
Project title: Development of microsweat sweat collection and cortisol stress biosensor

Student: Connor Braun
Supervisor: Wilten Nicola
Project title: Behavior-independent quantification of hippocampal theta phase precession

Student: Rachel Burkinshaw-Zelko
Supervisor: Penny Pexman
Project title: Determining lexical organization in children with a free association task

Student: Tanna Butlin
Supervisor: Darin Flynn
Project title: Developing pedagogical tools for Dɛne Sųłiné

Student: Linnaea Cartar
Supervisor: Joule Bergerson
Project title: Life cycle assessment of a Canadian passive house: A case study

Student: Brandon Chau
Supervisor: Emma Towlson
Project title: Extrasynaptic connections and edge analysis in the Caenorhabditis elegans connectome

Student: Ciara Chisholm
Supervisor: Rene Plume
Project title: Modelling Carbon fractionation in star forming regions

Student: Andy Cho
Supervisor: Alex Lohman
Project title: Exploring Src kinase activated Pannexin1 in regulating microglial phagocytosis

Student: Zeeshan Chougle
Supervisor: Guenther Ruhe
Project title: Analyzis, design, and prototype implementation of a social media  based recommendation system

Student: Tashia Christie
Supervisor: Sheri Madigan
Project title: Prevalence of meeting screen time guidelines in children under the age of 5: A systematic review and meta-analysis


Student: Julian Chua
Supervisor: Marcus Samuel
Project title: Screening for various mutant crosses from BZR1-D, XTH22, XTH23, CAAX, ERA-1, and COL in Arabidopsis thaliana

Student: Seth Colby
Supervisor: Hermann Schaetzl
Project title: Novel cell culture model to analyze newly emerged camel prions

Student: Allison Cormier
Supervisor: Melanie Noel
Project title: The sociocultural context of adolescent pain: The portrayal of teen pain in popular media

Student: Seher Dawar
Supervisor: Frank Maurer
Project title: Text entry in virtual reality

Student: Manimeldura (Nimaya) De Silva
Supervisor: Anthony B. Schryvers
Project title: Lactoferrin binding protein B: A potential vaccine antigen for Moraxella catarrhalis

Student: Abigail (Abby) Delisle
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Blue
Project title: Teaching and learning science in post-normal times: A scoping review

Student: Rochelle Deloria
Supervisor: Ilyan Ferrer
Project title: Caring for others to care for myself: A qualitative inquiry on the experiences of multigenerational Filipino families during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student: Kirinpreet Dhillon
Supervisor: Ranita Manocha
Project title: Abilities in focus: How do healthcare providers influence physical activity participation in people with mobility impairments?

Student: Shakshi Dutt
Supervisor: Marcus Samuel
Project title: Establishing novel MAD7 nuclease gene-editing technique in plants

Student: Wejdaan Faridi
Supervisor: Walter Herzog
Project title: Kinetics of titin domain refolding

Student: Joshua Felce Gonzalez
Supervisor: Wenyuan Liao
Project title: Solving partial differential equations in a new way by using deep learning techniques


Student: Emily Frede
Supervisor: Christoph Simon
Project title: Modeling an entangled quantum sensor network working together with biologically-plausible neural networks

Student: Farida Gadimova
Supervisor: Jennifer Jackson
Project title: Nurses’ experiences working in Alberta harm reduction programs 

Student: Bergen Galts
Supervisor: Sean Rogers
Project title: Integrating molecular techniques towards building a genomic based conservation strategy for the endangered Banff Springs snail

Student: Martin Gendron
Supervisor: Julie Drolet
Project title: Equine assisted intervention for positive mental health and wellness: An autoethnographic study of a first responder

Student: Andres Giudice Grillo
Supervisor: Amanda Pounder
Project title: Yeísmo and ʎ/j distinction in Peru: An experimental study in the department of Arequipa

Student: Julia Gospodinov
Supervisor: Lorelli Nowell
Project title: Evaluating fundamental care knowledge in undergraduate nursing students to inform educational leadership

Student: Sean Grewal
Supervisor: Sorana Morrissy
Project title: Charting tumor invasiveness using geographical analysis

Student: Jing Hua (Jen) Guo
Supervisor: Philip A. Barber
Project title: The effect of neuroprotectant NA1 on early infarct growth following endovascular therapy: The REPERFUSE-NA1 study

Student: Allison Guthrie
Supervisor: Jinguang Hu
Project title: Bioleaching of rare earth metals from neodymium alloy magnets using A. thiooxidans and G. oxydans

Student: Sahiba Haji
Supervisor: Amanda Melin
Project title: Accumulation of genetic variation in primate populations with different mating systems


Student: Lucas Hale
Supervisor: Judy Anderson
Project title: Connected through creation: Lunaapeew perspectives on human-animal relationships in urban environments

Student: Rita Hannawayya
Supervisor: Dongyan Niu
Project title: Genomic features and host range of Tequintavirus phages with infectivity against Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli

Student: Risat Haque
Supervisor: Laleh Behjat
Project title: Effectiveness of hackathons in software engineering education

Student: Fiza Hasan
Supervisor: Julia Kam
Project title: Mind-wandering & executive functions in children

Student: Haiyang He
Supervisor: Michael John Jacobson Jr.
Project title: Computer generation of explicit formulas for jacobian arithmetic on hyperelliptic curves

Student: Ashwini Hemmady
Supervisor: Yahya El-Lahib
Project title: Interrogating carceral social work in Alberta

Student: Joy Idowu
Supervisor: Pierre Kennepohl
Project title: Halogen bonding in diaryliodonium salts

Student: Aaron Irving
Supervisor: Brent Else
Project title: Methane transport from freshwater to marine systems in the Canadian high Arctic

Student: Paige Jackson
Supervisor: Sean Rogers
Project title: Extraction of DNA from wastewater biosolid microplastics in the search for antimicrobial

Student: Bhakti Jani
Supervisor: Liza Lorenzetti
Project title: Honouring fathers and daughters: A community-based research project

Student: Jennis Jiang
Supervisor: Kiran Jot Pohar Manhas
Project title: A cross-sectional, provincial survey of stroke survivor to investigate barriers to care for vision loss in stroke in Alberta

Student: Rebecca John
Supervisor: Patrick Whelan
Project title: A11 region ablation and the effect on locomotor behaviours in mice

Student: Christian Keenan
Supervisor: Jeroen Stil
Project title: Positional analysis of radio sources in comparison to their host galaxies in infrared and optical wavelengths

Student: Larissa Kelly
Supervisor: Krista Wollny
Project title: Peripheral intravenous insertion and removal practices on inpatients units at the Alberta Children’s Hospital

Student: Jordan Keough
Supervisor: Deinera Exner
Project title: Masculinity and help-seeking behaviour among adolescent boys

Student: Pooneh Khalilpoorkordi
Supervisor: Belinda Heyne
Project title: Singlet oxygen production by Rose Bengal and Methylene Blue and their mixture with using 9,10-DMA as probe

Student: Shin-Hyung (Vella) Kim
Supervisor: Paolo Federico
Project title: Assessing network size and distribution as potential indicators of postsurgical outcome in patients with drug resistant epilepsy

Student: Sarah Knude
Supervisor: Steven Michael Vamosi
Project title: Climate and riparian white spruce growth in a northern boreal environment

Student: Julie Le
Supervisor: Tao Dong
Project title: Sodium citrate sensitizes multidrug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa to triclosan

Student: Nikko-Johan  Lee
Supervisor: Mark A. Giembycz
Project title: Synergistic induction of gene expression by acetylcholine and LABA’s in lung epithelial cells

Student: Marcelo Li Gonzales
Supervisor: Emma Louise Spanwick
Project title: Design of a portable white-noise generator for riometer calibration

Student: Jeanne Liendo
Supervisor: Roswita Dressler
Project title: The history of the Spanish Bilingual Program in Calgary

Student: Paul Linek
Supervisor: Linda Duffett-Leger
Project title: Canadian nurses’ exposure to potential psychologically traumatic events during the COVID-19 pandemic: Co-designing an online solution

Student: Saskia-Mae Livingstone
Supervisor: Adela Kincaid
Project title: Exploring animal-human relationships through Indigenous methodologies

Student: Ronan Lopes
Supervisor: Tarek Bismar
Project title: Genes as biomarkers - An investigation into prognostication practices in prostate cancer research

Student: JT Luterbach
Supervisor: Joule Bergerson
Project title: Life cycle assessment of hydrogen and its many potential purposes as an energy carrier

Student: Ridhampreet Kaur
Supervisor: Alexandra Twyman
Project title: When does the wolf takeover? An investigation on cooperation in wolfdog hybrids

Student: Farid Madanat
Supervisor: Jennifer He
Project title: Bioretention for stormwater management

Student: Jenna Magrath
Supervisor: Sarah Kenny
Project title: Sociocultural perspectives on pain, injury, and fatigue amongst university contemporary dancers

Student: Mehr Malhotra
Supervisor: Lian Willetts
Project title: VessCo-opJ: An ImageJ plugin for automated measurement of cell-vessel contact and elongation over the course of vessel co-option

Student: Rylan Marianchuk
Supervisor: Signe Lauren Bray
Project title: Cortical functional network assignment using template priors

Student: Jacob Mish
Supervisor: Robert Ferguson
Project title: Machine learning and distributed acoustic sensing data for risk assessment: Gravity driven geotechnical hazards

Student: Abudallah A.D. Mohammad
Supervisor: Simon Park
Project title: M.E.D.A.L Lab

Student: Armaan Mohan
Supervisor: Timothy Shutt
Project title: Investigating 4-HAP as a modulator of mitochondrial morphology via NMIIC

Student: Sebastian Rueda Montes
Supervisor: April Viczko
Project title: End of play: COVID 19 and theatre in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Student: Arshia Mostoufi
Supervisor: Lisa Gieg
Project title: A novel biological-based approach for selective extraction of rare earth elements from industrial feedstocks

Student: Christina Nykyforuk
Supervisor: Herman Barkema
Project title: Selective dry cow therapy practices on Canadian dairy farms

Student: Daniela Oboh
Supervisor: Jonathan Epp
Project title: FASTMAP: An open-source flexible atlas segmentation tool for multi-area processing of biological images

Student: ITEOLUWAKISI Omotoye
Supervisor: Lorraine Venturato
Project title: Aging and community in the age of COVID-19

Student: Simon Paisley
Supervisor: Carla Ferreira
Project title: The future of cultural humility training: Using virtual simulation to teach undergraduate nursing students cultural humility

Student: Anjali Patadia
Supervisor: Anne Benneker
Project title: Electrokinetic control of viscous fingering in a Hele-Shaw cell

Student: Deep Patel
Supervisor: David Wood
Project title: Development of composite blade manufacturing techniques for small scale wind turbines

Student: Andrew Patton
Supervisor: Joern Davidsen
Project title: What controls the characteristics of compressive failure and accelerated seismic release?

Student: Annie Pham
Supervisor: Martin MacInnis
Project title: The effect of skeletal muscle glycogen content on oxidative capacity


Student: Keilan Pieper
Supervisor: David Wood
Project title: Investigation of smart airfoils with trailing edge flaps and vortex generators to investigate mitigation of transient loads during pitch change

Student: Amy Pon
Supervisor: Chris Morton
Project title: Vibration response of an elastically mounted circular cylinder near a Gao wall

Student: Zainine Ramji
Supervisor: Megan Kirkpatrick
Project title: Factors that contribute to positive learning environments in preceptorships

Student: Yi (Lisa) Ru
Supervisor: Guang Yang
Project title: Localization of USP15 in the cell

Student: Rishabh Ruhela
Supervisor: Guenther Ruhe
Project title: Implementing an efficient recommendation system for startup companies

Student: Quinn Rupert
Supervisor: Daniel Oblak
Project title: Quantum satellite ground station

Student: Margaret Rusteika
Supervisor: Li-Fang (Jack) Chu
Project title: Investigating the role of HES1 gene expression in regulating porcine iPS cell self-renewal

Student: Samantha Ruud
Supervisor: Kim Koh
Project title: Exploring student assessments in an online learning environment: Challenges and opportunities in the new normal

Student: Jenna Salem
Supervisor: Tanvir Turin Chowdhury
Project title: University of Calgary anti-racist engagement: How students recognize racism and engage in anti-racist practices

Student: Salma Salhi
Supervisor: Christoph simon
Project title: Network analysis of the human structural connectome including non-cortical structures

Student: Kevin Sandal
Supervisor: Christine Brubaker
Project title: The impacts of drama education on immigrant youth in a high school setting

Student: Jennifer McDougall
Supervisor: Suzette Mayr
Project title: Across the bridge: Tales of Forest Lawn

 Student: Sanam Sekandary 
Supervisor: Kathleen Helen Chaput
Project title: Patterns of prenatal cannabis consumption and second-hand cannabis exposure in Alberta: A secondary cross-sectional analysis

Student: Madhumitha Selvaraj
Supervisor: Gias Uddin
Project title: Empirical study of IoT security weaknesses in C/C++ code examples shared in stack exchange sites

Student: Jake Serpico
Supervisor: Dang Khoa Nguyen
Project title: Stronger bounds of monogenic pure cubics

Student: Gloria Sesay
Supervisor: Lauren Walker
Project title: Exploring diversity in gender identity and sexual expression

Student: Ayman Shahriar
Supervisor: Mea Wang
Project title: Using machine learning models to predict the scaling behaviour of transcoding video segments

Student: Austin Shawaga
Supervisor: Joel Reardon
Project title: Android OS privacy evolution research

Student: Olga Shtepa
Supervisor: Oleksiy Osiyevskyy
Project title: The impact of artificial intelligence on management practice

Student: Madelyn Shuffler
Supervisor: Erin Spring
Project title: Affordances of children’s nonfiction picturebooks on climate change

Student: Kiera Sobolewski
Supervisor: Jerrod Smith
Project title: Recovering reciprocity laws from the local and global Langlands correspondence

Student: Ge Song
Supervisor: Hua Shen
Project title: Mixture of regressions model with surrogate classifiers


Student: Jessica (Jessie) Stadel
Supervisor: Thomas George Back
Project title: Synthetically useful epoxidation catalysts based on novel redox reactions of chiral selenium compounds

Student: Pantelis Stefanakis
Supervisor: Svetlana Yanushkevich
Project title: Breathing rate measurements using thermal imaging

Student: Raina Sunn
Supervisor: Candace Lind
Project title: An exploration of crisis nursery outcome evaluation tool usage, for the Children's Cottage Society

Student: Abbygale (Abby) Swadling
Supervisor: Timothy Friesen
Project title: Distinguishing spin flips from ionizations for a direct measurement of antihydrogen’s Lamb shift

Student: Lindsay Swartz
Supervisor: Dustin Louie
Project title: Building Indigenous identity through culturally responsive programming

Student: Muhammad Ali Tahir
Supervisor: Anup Srivastava
Project title: COVID-19 impact on current financial market – A multifactoral analysis

Student: Amanda Tamakloe
Supervisor: Ivan Detchev
Project title: The impact of Covid-19 on engineering education, the teaching methods adopted by the University of Calgary, its effectiveness and the possible incorporation of these methods in the course delivery long term

Student: Serra Thai
Supervisor: Vikas P. Kuriachan
Project title: Survey of physicians, health care providers, and patients regarding their experience with virtual visits during the COVID-19 pandemic

Student: Gavin Thomas
Supervisor: Patricia Doyle-Baker
Project title: Titin Isoform changes in Eccentrically trained Rabbit’s quadricep muscles (The TIER Muscle Pilot Study)

Student: Thuy-Ann Tran
Supervisor: Casey Hubert
Project title: Measuring lanthanide concentrations using the protein lanmodulin

Student: Esther Trang
Supervisor: Peter Dunfield
Project title: Fungal communities in an oil sand end-pit lake

Student: Jason Valleau
Supervisor: Patricia Danyluk
Project title: To create a lesson plan that celebrates a collaboration with Stoney Nakoda and Tsuut’ina Nation drumming and singing while realizing limitations and the imposition of Eurocentric music theory systems

Student: Raymond Van
Supervisor: Yang Gao
Project title: Quality analysis and assessment of raw GNSS observations from various android smartphones

Student: Pooja Veedu
Supervisor: Roman Shor
Project title: Developing a data analysis workflow to optimize hard rock drilling for geothermal energy

Student: Sarah Vermaak
Supervisor: Mindi Summers
Project title: Insect pollinator diversity and native plant associations in the City of Calgary, Alberta

Student: ZiQi Wei
Supervisor: Todd Christopher Sutherland
Project title: Effect of altering electron density on phosphorescence of N

Student: Sarah Wensink
Supervisor: Cathryn Ryan
Project title: Hydrological patterns and changes of alpine lakes in the Canadian Rockies

Student: Sean Wilson
Supervisor: Gregory Welch
Project title: Dual-functionail electron transport layers for organic photovoltaics

Student: Rochelle Wong
Supervisor: David Patrick Monteyne
Project title: The history of public housing: How policy, architectural design, and lived experience shaped Hong Kong public housing

Student: Ka Wai Wong
Supervisor: Ilyan Ferrer
Project title: Examining the impact of neighbours on social isolation of older Chinese immigrants living alone: A case study

Student: Kevin Xiang
Supervisor: Wu Qiu
Project title: Quantification of collateral status in colored multiphase CTA images of acute ischemic stroke patients

Student: Matthew Yacoub
Supervisor: Saied Jalal Aboodarda
Project title: Neuromuscular, cardiorespiratory and perceptual responses to blood flow occlusion superimposed on high intensity training in trained and untrained individuals

Student: Daniel Yakimenka
Supervisor: Julio Mercader Florin
Project title: Metagenomic investigation of the role of bacterial tubersphere communities in preservation of starch granules used in ancient starch research

Student: Lucy Yang
Supervisor: John James Patrick Kelly
Project title: Examining the effects of novel drug treatment on glioblastoma organoids

Student: Anika Zaman
Supervisor: Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio
Project title: The development of a suite of protein-based rare earth element measurement systems

Student: Dorsa Zamanpour
Supervisor: Lorelli Nowell
Project title: Translating caring competencies to remote working environments: A systematic review protocol

Student: Helya (Hannah) Zareipour
Supervisor: Maureen Hiebert
Project title: Analyzing and mapping the potential of climate change to motivate violent conflicts

Student: Derrick Zhang
Supervisor: Mathieu Pruvot
Project title: Does bat consumption of insect pests result in a mutualist relationship between beef cattle and bats?

Student: Helen Zhang
Supervisor: Laura Curiel
Project title: Design of a bioaffinity-based system for rare earth recovery

Student: Merek Zimmerman
Supervisor: Melanie Noel
Project title: Parental sleep and child chronic pain outcomes

Student: Yahia Abrini
Supervisor: Lina Kattan
Project title: The feasibility and impacts of integrating urban goods delivery with passenger transportation on Calgary’s LRT network

Student: Elijah Adams
Supervisor: Claudia Gomes da Rocha
Project title: Modelling brain-inspired operations with nanowire crossbar arrays

Student: Sofia Ahmed
Supervisor: Casey Hubert
Project title: CDOM quantity and composition in the Northern Hudson Bay area and its implications on the microbial community

Student: Hady Ahmed
Supervisor: Roman Shor
Project title: Drilling automation

Student: Basma Akhter
Supervisor: Isabelle Barrette-Ng
Project title: Core competencies of genetics education and how does CRISPR address them – a scoping review

Student: Daniel Andruchow
Supervisor: Brandy Callahan
Project title: The remote autobiographical memory questionnaire (RAMQ): assessing the accuracy of childhood memories in older adults

Student: Markle Atienza
Supervisor: William Brook
Project title: Dorsal-Ventral patterning in the Drosophila leg is regulated by interactions between Dpp and mid and H15

Student: Eric Austin
Supervisor: Jorg Denzinger
Project title: (Energy) policies can be complicated: so be careful with your simulators!

Student: Margaret Ayriss
Supervisor: Maria Victoria Guglietti
Project title: The influence of ideological perspectives in sexual and reproductive discourse: a study of mainstream, professional online information for sexual and reproductive health in Canada

Student: Ali Babwani
Supervisor: Adam Kirton
Project title: Understanding the overlap and distribution of motor maps in children

Student: Yassin Bayoumy
Supervisor: Mohammad Moshirpour
Project title: Incorporating adaptive learning in programming education

Student: Noah Bensler
Supervisor: Joern Davidsen
Project title: Rupture cascades in macroscopically flawed porous sedimentary rock

Student: Akanksha Bhargava
Supervisor: Emmanuel Stefanakis
Project title: Mapping COVID

Student: Chandler Billinghurst
Supervisor: Chris Hugenholtz
Project title: Methane emissions from above-ground natural gas distribution facilities: a case study in Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Student: Nicole Boles
Supervisor: Penny Pexman
Project title: A systematic review of the home literacy questionnaire

Student: Nolan Broeke
Supervisor: Matthew Hyndman
Project title: The ability of MRI-assessed PI-RADS scores to predict active surveillance failure of prostate cancer patients

Student: Robyn Buttigieg
Supervisor: Adam McCrimmon
Project title: Effectiveness of methods for educating elementary students with ASD in literacy

Student: Julia Casorso
Supervisor: Amanda Melin
Project title: Assessing natural sources of ethanol in wild primate foods: testing key predictions of the dietary exposure hypothesis

Student: Bryce Cayanan
Supervisor: Behrouz Far
Project title: Research and development of SPEAR website

Student: Stirling Cenaiko
Supervisor: Colin Dalton
Project title: OpenFOAM multiphysics simulation comparison to commercial software for electrokinetic fluid flow of conductive biofluids in microchannels

Student: Yazan Chama
Supervisor: Behrouz Far
Project title: Utilizing AI to incorporated adaptive learning in teaching programs

Student: Jasmine Chase
Supervisor: Benjamin Tutolo
Project title: Several testable hypotheses for inferring biogeochemical conditions in paleolake waters based on the chemistry of Mg-silicate clays

Student: Ciara Chisholm
Supervisor: Claudia Gomes da Rocha
Project title: Simulating the creation and dissolution of conductive filaments in resistive switching channels using the circuit breaker model

Student: Davina Choi
Supervisor: Erin Sullivan
Project title: Investigating ways to embed questions in open educational resources (OER) to engage students’ minds

Student: Richard Chow
Supervisor: John Aycock
Project title: Application of deep learning in reverse engineering to find unique identifiers in binary programs

Student: Naomi Chu
Supervisor: Carrie Simone Shemanko
Project title: TGF-ß Family Members LEFTYB, BMP-4 and SMAD3 are correlated with PRL signaling and bone metastasis

Student: Darius Clinton
Supervisor: Simon Park
Project title: Using molecular dynamics simulations to optimize copper-based inks for flexible electronics

Student: Leonard Cohen
Supervisor: Jo Towers
Project title: Best practices for teaching with board games in the elementary mathematics classroom

Student: Breanna Collins
Supervisor: Timothy Friesen
Project title: Microwave injection switchyard for ALPHAg

Student: Spencer Comin
Supervisor: Mike Potter
Project title: 3D Vector Calculus Concept Visualizations

Student: Allison Cormier
Supervisor: Mark Holden
Project title: Individual Differences in Online Learning

Student: John Craig
Supervisor: Pratim Sengupta
Project title: Designing VR spaces for collaborative action to support embodied learning in VR

Student: Manmeet Dhiman
Supervisor: Neil Duncan
Project title: Biomechanical properties of the intervertebral discs in pre- and post-menopausal women

Student: Carl Dizon
Supervisor: Paul Galpern
Project title: Assessing wetland connectivity for the western bumblebee B. occidentalis

Student: Mikayla Donovan
Supervisor: Ann-Lise Norman
Project title: Atmospheric NO2 and d15N in moss in a protected wilderness area impacted through vehicles emissions in Alberta, Canada

Student: Khaled Elmalawany
Supervisor: Denis Onen
Project title: Breaking out of the traditional: implementation of an educational robot in the Faculty of Engineering

Student: Ayesha Farooq
Supervisor: Svetlana Yanushkevich
Project title: Estimation of stroke patient position using pressure sensor data

Student: Alex Fidanova
Supervisor: Cari Din
Project title: Differences in student experience and learning outcomes after experiential learning reform in a senior level undergraduate exercise physiology lab

Student: Jade Fischer
Supervisor: Nicolas Ploquin
Project title: Improving accelerated radiation therapy treatment for liver cancer

Student: Emma Forrester
Supervisor: Constance Finney
Project title: The role of eosinophils in parasitic infections: investigating possible eosinophil subsets

Student: Emma Foxcroft
Supervisor: Campbell Rolian
Project title: Allometric changes in skeletal elements of Longshanks mice

Student: Alexa Gee
Supervisor: Roman Shor
Project title: Developing an application to estimate downhole drilling parameters in real time

Student: Andrei Georgescu
Supervisor: Robert Newton
Project title: Induction and role of interferon regulatory factors in promoting immune responses

Student: William Gillies
Supervisor: Dan Jacobson
Project title: The spatial geography of mental health in 20th century Britain: the Epsom hospital cluster

Student: Dana Girard
Supervisor: David Eaton
Project title: Probability modelling of runaway rupture with induced seismic sequences in Oklahoma, USA

Student: Jérôme Gobeil
Supervisor: Mohammad Moshirpour
Project title: Real time data analytics to support online education

Student: Julia Gospodinov
Supervisor: Lorelli Nowell
Project title: Grand challenges as educational innovations in higher education: a scoping review of the literature

Student: Melanie Grier
Supervisor: Adam Murry
Project title: International Indigenous employment: a comprehensive content analysis of empirical studies

Student: Yair Guterman
Supervisor: Thierry Chekouo Tekougang
Project title: Prediction of survival time using molecular subtypes obtained from lung cancer patients’ gene expression data

Student: Allison Guthrie
Supervisor: Dae-Kyun Ro
Project title: Vitamin A deficiency mitigation using biotechnology

Student: Preston Haffey
Supervisor: Rei Safavi-Naini
Project title: Privacy in fair exchange protocols over blockchain

Student: Tyler Hannah
Supervisor: Warren Edward Piers
Project title: The synthesis and redox chemistry of boron-nitrogen doped indenofluorenes

Student: Shabit Hassan
Supervisor: Walter Herzog
Project title: The effects of Botox-induced paraspinal muscle weakness on the structure and mechanics of the rabbit spine

Student: Tianhao He
Supervisor: Venkataraman Thangadurai
Project title: Recent Advances in Guarding Metallic Electrode and Conversion of Sulfur Cathode for Next-Generation Batteries

Student: Stephanie Ho
Supervisor: Cynthia H-T Seow
Project title: Gender Disparities in Food Security, Dietary Intake, and Nutritional Health in the United States

Student: Lisa Huang
Supervisor: Elena Veselinova Rangelova
Project title: Studying North American terrestrial water storage changes derived from gravity recovery and climate experiment satellite data

Student: Madyson Huck
Supervisor: Stefania Forlini
Project title: Science in nineteenth-century periodical the Boy’s Own Paper

Student: Sarrah Husain
Supervisor: Elizabeth Condliffe
Project title: Walking and fatigue in people with cerebral palsy

Student: Catherine Huynh
Supervisor: Kim Koh
Project title: Scientific and mathematical achievement on international large-scale assessments in Canada, China and Singapore: a systematic review

Student: Cheryl Iwanchuk
Supervisor: Dimitrios Skordos
Project title: Potential pragmatic interaction with child comprehension of logical connectives

Student: Rebecca John
Supervisor: Patrick Whelan
Project title: The Role of the A11 Nucleus in Regulating Locomotion

Student: Sravya Kakumanu
Supervisor: Ray J Turner
Project title: Oviita: a synthetic biology approach to vitamin A deficiency

Student: Molly Kavanagh
Supervisor: Claire Windeyer
Project title: Investigating trace mineral levels in cows at calving and the effects on colostrum immunoglobulin G concentration

Student: Jake Kavanagh
Supervisor: Craig Johansen
Project title: Aerospace vehicle analysis for verification and validation of MAPLEAF

Student: Christian Keenan
Supervisor: David Knudsen
Project title: Investigation of ionospheric drift errors measured by the swarm of thermal ion imagers

Student: Collin Kehler
Supervisor: Dave Pattison
Project title: Low-pressure metamorphism of metapelites within the aureole of the White Creek Batholith, S.E British Columbia

Student: Rohan Khan
Supervisor: Casey Hubert
Project title: Using machine learning to identify microbial clades associations with hydrocarbon rich marine sediments

Student: Catherine Ko
Supervisor: Simon Park
Project title: Investigation of lignin-based carbon fibers

Student: Rahul Kumar
Supervisor: Peter Dunfield
Project title: Diversity of rubisco

Student: Nicole Langevin
Supervisor: Miwa Takeuchi
Project title: Fostering genetic mathematical understanding through the early STEM classroom

Student: Ryan Lee
Supervisor: David Anderson
Project title: MediTriage Assistant – leveraging medical ontologies for preliminary diagnoses

Student: Danika Lipman
Supervisor: Thierry Chekouo Tekougang
Project title: Identification of molecular subtypes using RNA-seq data and gene locations: application to kidney cancer data

Student: Alexander Liu
Supervisor: Xuewen Lu
Project title: The penalized group variable selection procedure for the accelerated failure time (AFT) regression model with multilevel random effects

Student: Cathy Liu
Supervisor: Lorelli Nowell
Project title: Grand challenges in higher education

Student: Mang (Tony) Lu
Supervisor: Marcus Samuel
Project title: Researching novel herbicide tolerance in canola

Student: Cameron Mackay
Supervisor: Juliet Guichon
Project title: Exploring factors that might prevent the initiation of vaping products

Student: Ivy (Vy Phan Nhat) Mai
Supervisor: Justin Weinhardt
Project title: Perception of hiring algorithms

Student: Kevin Manohar
Supervisor: Chris Morton
Project title: Long short-term memory networks for sensor-based two-cylinder flow estimation

Student: Roberto Martinez
Supervisor: Zahra Premji
Project title: Omar Khadr v. Supreme Court of Canada – the unanswered questions

Student: Armaan Mohan
Supervisor: Aneal Khan
Project title: Evaluating exome sequencing for the detection of genetic variants in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy patients

Student: Randy Moore
Supervisor: Anders Nygren
Project title: Bellatrix: a software providing a novel protein representation method

Student: Jodhvir Nagra
Supervisor: Tanvir Turin Chowdhury
Project title: Sikh religious leadership’s perception on how a community-centered religious organization can play a role in increasing health and wellness literacy

Student: Daniela Oboh
Supervisor: Jonathan Epp
Project title: Modulation of memory reorganization by adult neurogenesis

Student: Lucas Ogrins
Supervisor: Edwin Cey
Project title: Development of a dual-permeability model to estimate groundwater recharge in an irrigated field

Student: Jana Osea
Supervisor: Karen Kopciuk
Project title: What happens after a breast cancer diagnosis?

Student: Simon Paisley
Supervisor: Heather Bensler
Project title: The future of cultural humility training: using virtual simulation to teach undergraduate nursing students cultural humility

Student: Anjali Patadia
Supervisor: Anne Benneker
Project title: Modeling of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces

Student: Carolyn Pethrick
Supervisor: Roes (Arief) Budiman
Project title: Modelling stable solutions for the dynamics of a unicycle

Student: Ethan Pezoulas
Supervisor: Belinda Heyne
Project title: The effect of localized surface plasmon resonance on host-guest chemistry

Student: Savannah Poirier Hollander
Supervisor: Steven Michael Vamosi
Project title: Sacred beginnings

Student: Puja Pradhan
Supervisor: Venkataraman Thangadurai
Project title: Study of electrochemical behaviour of quinones in different supporting electrolytes in non-aqueous solvent

Student: M Haidar Putra
Supervisor: Rachel Lauer
Project title: Analysis of smectite as a potential driver for earthquake propagation: a case study on the Japan Trench

Student: Niyousha Raeesinejad
Supervisor: Laleh Behjat
Project title: Design decisions matter: conveying the importance of software engineering best practises through hybrid PBL

Student: Taha Rafiq
Supervisor: Carlos Camara-Lemarroy
Project title: Quality of Multiple-Sclerosis information on the internet

Student: Mathew Ross
Supervisor: Todd Christopher Sutherland
Project title: Computational design of new NIR dyes containing imidazole moieties

Student: Susan Roth
Supervisor: Dae-Kyun Ro
Project title: Identification of CRISPR Cas-9 induced mutations of the CBP2 gene in lettuce (Latuca sativa)

Student: Charys Russell
Supervisor: Mary Grantham O'Brien
Project title: How does adding a suffix to a word change its pronunciation?

Student: Mackenzie Sampson
Supervisor: Amir Nezhad
Project title: Creating Construction Material Of The Future With Silica Nanoparticles Synthesized From Diatom Algae

Student: Damanjit Sandhu
Supervisor: Gina Dimitropoulos
Project title: Changes in Social Determinants of Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic Experienced by Adolescents with Mental Health Conditions

Student: Mehar Sandhu
Supervisor: Markus Dann
Project title: Life cycle assessment of residential buildings to support sustainable development of communities

Student: Cristina Santamaria-Plaza
Supervisor: Lindsay McLaren
Project title: Public policy and health: a historical analysis of climate change efforts in Alberta, 1970-present

Student: Olivia Sawyer
Supervisor: Mark Holden
Project title: Finding Middle: Bridging the Socioeconomic Gap in STEM

Student: Maya Schimert
Supervisor: Alexander McGirr
Project title: Using a novel tool to determine how norepinephrine levels change across the dorsal cortex in response to different types of auditory stimuli

Student: Jonah Secreti
Supervisor: David Scott
Project title: Pre-service teacher preparation to educate citizenship: an analysis of the discourses of civics and citizenship education

Student: Olga Shtepa
Supervisor: Oleksiy Osiyevskyy
Project title: Clients, marketing or technology? Mean and variance implications of innovation capabilities among SMEs

Student: Ashar Siddiqui
Supervisor: Oliver Bathe
Project title: Predicting Lung Cancer Recurrence Using A Multiplexed Gene Structure

Student: Roshanne Sihota
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Blue
Project title: Critical reflections on the social dimensions of gene editing: a scoping review

Student: Gurmukh Singh
Supervisor: Keekyoung Kim
Project title: Automation of GelMA synthesis process

Student: Taylor Skaalrud
Supervisor: Reid Buchanan
Project title: Making better players = better people: morality in mainstream video games and industry

Student: Sarah Skarsgard
Supervisor: Robert Barclay
Project title: Differences in bat activity in various habitats in Cochrane, Alberta

Student: Jomanna Sleiman
Supervisor: Angeliki Anthanasopoulou
Project title: Why my greenhouse is not the same as your greenhouse: the melodic differences between compounds and phrases in adult productions

Student: Kiera Sobolewski
Supervisor: Mark Bauer
Project title: Finding Connections Between Proofs of Quadratic Reciprocity

Student: Jessica Stadel
Supervisor: Thomas George Back
Project title: Synthetically useful oxidation catalysts based on novel redox reactions of selenium compounds

Student: Braden Strachan
Supervisor: Karoly Bezdek
Project title: The illumination of concentric cap bodies in 3-dimensional space

Student: Paula Suarez Moreno
Supervisor: Patricia Doyle-Baker
Project title: Reviewing physical activity during a COVID event with ski racers (racers): 14-18 years old

Student: Sydney Suffron
Supervisor: Jo Towers
Project title: Studying the impact of a teaching intervention with students with math learning difficulties

Student: Namyoung (Amy) Sun
Supervisor: Dimitrios Skordos
Project title: The developmental trajectory of scalar implicatures

Student: Noopur Swadas
Supervisor: Sandra Davidson
Project title: Assessing the knowledge and attitudes of pharmacogenetic testing among nursing students, registered nurses and nurse practitioners in Canada

Student: Andrew Symes
Supervisor: Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio
Project title: Modelling engineered cellulase dynamics

Student: Isabelle Tahmazian
Supervisor: Taylor Chomiak
Project title: A new therapeutic approach to facilitate joint attention in autism spectrum disorder: A prospective pilot study

Student: Leena Tanakoor
Supervisor: Kazi Sumon
Project title: A comparative study of the effectiveness of some programming tools in statistics

Student: Emily Tetrault
Supervisor: Christine Walsh
Project title: Building cross-cultural social work competencies and international collaboration: an online teaching and learning initiative between Hong Kong and the Philippines

Student: Stanton Thai
Supervisor: Amanda Musgrove
Project title: Investigating student usage of open educational resources (OER)

Student: Serra Thai
Supervisor: Vikas P. Kurichan
Project title: The impact of virtual visitations on patient and physician satisfaction in cardiology

Student: Trevor Thompson
Supervisor: Robert Barclay
Project title: Remote camera-trap image data management & wolverine behaviour

Student: Andrew Tran
Supervisor: Fiona Simone Maria Schulte
Project title: Radiotherapy and social functioning in survivors of pediatric brain tumor

Student: Madison Trepanier
Supervisor: Brenda O'Neill
Project title: A Jewish identity in Canadian politics

Student: Joel Van Riper
Supervisor: Mary Reid
Project title: Tree-cavity availability and cavity-nesting bird diversity in Calgary’s urban forests

Student: Martina Vergouwen
Supervisor: Neil White
Project title: Frost: factors predicting orthoapedic trauma volumes

Student: Garrett Wachoski-Dark
Supervisor: Karin Orsel
Project title: Systematic review and meta-analysis of genome wide association studies on mastitis

Student: Kalindra Walls
Supervisor: Ryan Peters
Project title: A review of the literature: sensorimotor functioning in patients with hypermobile Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (HEDS)

Student: Emily Wang
Supervisor: Adam Murry
Project title: Advancing ii’taa’poh’to’p: best practices within Indigenous Studies

Student: Emma Watts
Supervisor: Sandra Reilly
Project title: Supporting the sexual health of youth with intellectual disabilities through social media education

Student: Alyssa Wilkins
Supervisor: Raylene De Bruyn
Project title: Obesity, early life gut microbiota and antibiotics

Student: Kiana Wong
Supervisor: Karen Bourrier
Project title: Mapping and encoding Victorian women writers

Student: Matthew Yeung
Supervisor: Eddy Lang
Project title: Alberta opioid and cannabis-related emergency department visits in the COVID-19 context

Student: Helen Zhang
Supervisor: Emmanuel Stefanakis
Project title: Indoor path finder for the University of Calgary

Student: Adam Bass
Supervisor: Viola Ingrid Birss

Student: Ai-Linh Tran
Supervisor: Laleh Behjat

Student: Alexander Liu
Supervisor: Xuewen Lu

Student: Alexandra Mossman
Supervisor: Elena Braverman

Student: Alexandra Sellers
Supervisor: David Dick

Student: Allana Shewfelt
Supervisor: Kathryn Reese-Taylor

Student: Ally Jokl
Supervisor: Rachel Schmidt

Student: Alyssa Federico
Supervisor: Gordon Campbell Teskey

Student: Amnah Saleem
Supervisor: Artem Korobenko

Student: Amy Fahlman
Supervisor: Susana Kimura-Hara

Student: Anabel Cardenas Rivas
Supervisor: Vanina Zaremberg

Student: Anchita Sharma
Supervisor: Patrick Whelan

Student: Andrew Symes
Supervisor: Thierry Chekouo Tekougang

Student: Angela Ko
Supervisor: Beaumie Kim

Student: Anna Tang
Supervisor: Darren Derksen

Student: Anya Siddons
Supervisor: Linda Duffett-Leger

Student: Ashna Subramanium
Supervisor: Benno Nigg

Student: Austin Ashbaugh
Supervisor: Jeremy William Fox

Student: Austin Ladouceur
Supervisor: Arthur Kuo

Student: Avneet Gill
Supervisor: Chad Saunders

Student: Ayush gupta
Supervisor: Marcus Samuel

Student: Bich Do
Supervisor: Giovanniantonio Natale

Student: Braden Strachan
Supervisor: Karoly Bezdek

Student: Breanna Kehler
Supervisor: Gina Dimitropoulos

Student: Brian Pho
Supervisor: Svetlana Yanushkevich

Student: Caitlin Tighe
Supervisor: David Scott

Student: Callum Buchan
Supervisor: Charles Murray Henderson

Student: Calvin Kong
Supervisor: Casey Hubert

Student: Cenxiao Li
Supervisor: Wee Yong

Student: Chloe Pavelka
Supervisor: Robert Oxoby

Student: Christopher Verklan
Supervisor: Robert Huebert

Student: Claire Mah
Supervisor: Emmanuel Stefanakis

Student: Colton Osterlund
Supervisor: Jeroen De Buck

Student: Cristina Santamaria-Plaza
Supervisor: Wee Yong

Student: Cynthia Tang
Supervisor: Qi Zhou

Student: Damian Williams
Supervisor: Uttandaraman (U.T.) Sundararaj

Student: Daphne Hong
Supervisor: Emmanuel Stefanakis

Student: David Chiu
Supervisor: Nicole Culos-Reed

Student: Deni Salja
Supervisor: Kristine Bauer

Student: Dhamanpreet Dhaliwal
Supervisor: Cynthia Mannion

Student: Emily Bernier
Supervisor: Melissa Boyce

Student: Emily Drake
Supervisor: Michael Antle

Student: Erica Lemieux
Supervisor: Mozhdeh Shahbazi

Student: Esther Kim
Supervisor: Diwakar Krishnamurthy

Student: Evan Johnson
Supervisor: David Feder

Student: Fanar Ghanim
Supervisor: Kara Murias

Student: Gabrielle Guestier
Supervisor: Jacqueline Smith

Student: Giselle Lin
Supervisor: George Shimizu

Student: hongyi Su
Supervisor: Hersh Gilbert

Student: Huiying Han
Supervisor: Maen Husein

Student: Ivan Savytskyy
Supervisor: Johnathan Burchill

Student: Ivy Mai
Supervisor: Justin Weinhardt

Student: Jada Dowler
Supervisor: Kathryn Reese-Taylor

Student: Jamie Leckie
Supervisor: Gerald Pfeffer

Student: Jamie MacDonald
Supervisor: Jonathan Epp

Student: Janine Nel
Supervisor: Milli Gupta

Student: Jason Xu
Supervisor: Hector De la Hoz Siegler

Student: Jean-David Rousseau
Supervisor: Kartikeya Murari

Student: Jenna Nguyen
Supervisor: Kathryn King-Shier

Student: Jeshna Kumari
Supervisor: Brian Lee Brooks

Student: Jesse Weir
Supervisor: Dennis Storoshenko

Student: Jessica Gobran
Supervisor: David Scott

Student: Jessica Meyer
Supervisor: Hans Osthoff

Student: Jessica Sauerwein
Supervisor: Gina Dimitropoulos

Student: Jin Lee
Supervisor: Yunyan Zhang

Student: Joey Ah-kiow
Supervisor: Ivan Denislavov Detchev

Student: Jonathan Umbsaar
Supervisor: Stephen Michial Hubbard

Student: Jordan Zacher
Supervisor: Cari Din

Student: Joshua Lee
Supervisor: Simon Hirota

Student: Judy Espiritu
Supervisor: Linda Duffett-Leger

Student: Julia Casorso
Supervisor: Susanne Cote

Student: Jusnoor Aujla
Supervisor: Kathleen Hughes

Student: Ka Wing Lai
Supervisor: Susan Graham

Student: Kade Damant
Supervisor: Eva Enkelmann

Student: Kaela Johnson
Supervisor: Mozhdeh Shahbazi

Student: Karim Kandil
Supervisor: Benjamin Tutolo

Student: Keeta Gladue
Supervisor: Ilyan Ferrer

Student: Kimberly Golubeva
Supervisor: Ryan Hamilton

Student: Kody Tufts
Supervisor: Amanda Pounder

Student: Kristian Corpuz
Supervisor: Roman Krawetz

Student: Kristin Wong
Supervisor: Josephine Hill

Student: Kristina Kim Lyngberg
Supervisor: Frank P. MacMaster

Student: Kyle Otto Jorgensen
Supervisor: Mea Wang

Student: Linh Ly
Supervisor: Yujun Shi

Student: Lisa Anderson
Supervisor: Roswita Dressler

Student: Logan Gal
Supervisor: Jeroen Stil

Student: Lucas Ogrins
Supervisor: Stephen Michial Hubbard

Student: Mabel Heffring
Supervisor: Alex Bruton

Student: Mac Love
Supervisor: Chris Morton

Student: Madyson Randall Huck
Supervisor: Stefania Forlini

Student: Manraj Kang
Supervisor: Kati Pasanen

Student: Maral Rasuli Arasi
Supervisor: Majid Pahlevani

Student: Maria Dalton
Supervisor: Victoria Fast

Student: Mary Joyce Zuniga Montemayor
Supervisor: Gregory Tweedie

Student: Masroor Syed
Supervisor: Carey Williamson

Student: Mathew Ross
Supervisor: Todd Christopher Sutherland

Student: Mathieu Chin
Supervisor: Kati Pasanen

Student: Michaella Atienza
Supervisor: Isabelle Barrette-Ng

Student: Michelle Chen
Supervisor: Guido Van Marle

Student: Miranda Enno
Supervisor: Michael Ullyot

Student: Mischa Longman
Supervisor: Robert Huebert

Student: Mona Agh
Supervisor: Reda Elhajj

Student: Nabhya Harjai
Supervisor: Harvey Quon

Student: Nathan Meulenbroek
Supervisor: Samuel Pichardo

Student: Neve Spotswood
Supervisor: Sarah J. Childs

Student: Noah Toppings
Supervisor: Peter Dunfield

Student: Nolan Mitchell
Supervisor: Benjamin Tutolo

Student: Olga Shtepa
Supervisor: Oleksiy Osiyevskyy

Student: Prabhu Dhatt
Supervisor: Usman Alim

Student: Quinn Goddard
Supervisor: Darin Flynn

Student: Quyen Pham
Supervisor: Chang-Chun Ling

Student: Rachael Dien
Supervisor: Karen Benzies

Student: Raina Meghan Schnider
Supervisor: Dimitrios Skordos

Student: Rana Zibakhshshabgahi
Supervisor: Gilad Gour

Student: Rebecca John
Supervisor: Juan Murias

Student: Rehan Babar
Supervisor: Sherry Weaver

Student: Riley Bernard Schaaf
Supervisor: Gordon Chua

Student: Robby Graham
Supervisor: Kathryn Schneider

Student: Ruba Rashid
Supervisor: Elena Di Martino

Student: Ryan Boehm
Supervisor: Gregory Welch

Student: Rylan Marianchuk
Supervisor: Sonny Chan

Student: Sakshi Kaur
Supervisor: Signe Lauren Bray

Student: Samuel Poncet
Supervisor: Alex Bruton

Student: Sarah Abdalrahman
Supervisor: Bijoy Kozikode Mundak Aparambil Menon

Student: Sarah Chiarelli
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Blue

Student: Sarah Walker
Supervisor: Lora Oehlberg

Student: Sean McConnell
Supervisor: Olive Chapman

Student: Serena schimert
Supervisor: Nils Forkert

Student: Shaelene Standing
Supervisor: Guang Yang

Student: Shamez Meghji
Supervisor: Mohammad Moshirpour

Student: Sihan Guo
Supervisor: Benedikt Hallgrimsson

Student: Sophia Marlow
Supervisor: Bruce Barton

Student: Spencer Spencer
Supervisor: Catherine Burwell

Student: Stefan Kurbatfinski
Supervisor: Nader Mahinpey

Student: Stephen Lee
Supervisor: Anthony B. Schryvers

Student: Tejus Gangadharaiah
Supervisor: Naser El-Sheimy

Student: Thomas Newton
Supervisor: Claudia Gomes da Rocha

Student: Usman Zia
Supervisor: Laleh Behjat

Student: Victoria Li
Supervisor: Vanina Zaremberg

Student: Vikrim Lohat
Supervisor: Shan Liao

Student: Walther Johnson
Supervisor: Ivan Denislavov Detchev

Student: Will Gregson
Supervisor: Joshua D. Goldstein

Student: Yi Chen
Supervisor: Simon Li

Student: Aasima Gadiwan
Supervisor: Mozhdeh Shahbazi

Student: Adam Mitton
Supervisor: Benjamin Tutolo

Student: Abhi Gupta
Supervisor: Constance Finney

Student: Adley Mok
Supervisor: Christopher H. Mody

Student: Adam Sundby
Supervisor: Steven Zimmerly

Student: Affan Siddiq
Supervisor: Andre Buret

Student: Aiden Huffman
Supervisor: Anatoliy Swishchuk

Student: Aiza Fatima
Supervisor: Marcus Samuel

Student: Alesia Au
Supervisor: Suzanne Goopy

Student: Alex Frame
Supervisor: Kimberly Shapkin

Student: Alex Vu
Supervisor: Gordon Campbell Teskey

Student: Alexandra Greenslade
Supervisor: Chad Bousman

Student: Ali Hassan
Supervisor: Richard Dyck

Student: Alyssa Carruthers
Supervisor: Eliot Tretter

Student: Amrit Matharoo
Supervisor: Victoria Burns

Student: Amrita Saini
Supervisor: Cynthia Mannion

Student: Anabel Cardenas Rivas
Supervisor: Vanina Zaremberg

Student: Andrew Smith
Supervisor: Anne Kleffner

Student: Andrew Thomas
Supervisor: Samantha Thrift

Student: Andrey Plakhotnyk
Supervisor: Amanda Musgrove Richer

Student: Angelo (Joey) Cayanan
Supervisor: Kim Koh

Student: Anzo Nguyen
Supervisor: Frank W. Stahnisch

Student: Araleigh Cranch
Supervisor: Brent Else

Student: Arijit Lodha
Supervisor: Steven Clive Greenway

Student: Beatrice Fung
Supervisor: Steven Zimmerly

Student: Brenan Mack
Supervisor: Max Anikovskiy

Student: Brett David Abraham
Supervisor: Michael Kallos

Student: Brett Naidoo
Supervisor: Carrie Simone Shemanko

Student: Brooke Adrianna Bull
Supervisor: Yahya El-Lahib

Student: Brooks Johnston
Supervisor: Amanda Pounder

Student: Caleb Tong
Supervisor: Hector De la Hoz Siegler

Student: Carolyn Pethrick
Supervisor: Philip Egberts

Student: Chloe Devereux
Supervisor: Sheri Madigan

Student: Christian Emond
Supervisor: Wendy Anne Hutchins

Student: Cindy Skinner
Supervisor: Craig Johansen

Student: Cindy Zhang
Supervisor: Deborah M. Kurrasch

Student: Connor Bourgonje
Supervisor: Max Anikovskiy

Student: Connor MacDonald
Supervisor: William Bridel

Student: Damian Williams
Supervisor: Uttandaraman (U.T.) Sundararaj

Student: Daniel Sola
Supervisor: Rachel Lauer

Student: Daria Merrikh
Supervisor: Zahra Goodarzi

Student: Darin Nguyen
Supervisor: Amir Nezhad

Student: Deepak Patel
Supervisor: Gareth Williams

Student: Deni Salja
Supervisor: Kristine Bauer

Student: Dominick Mallette
Supervisor: Dave Pattison

Student: Dominique Maucieri
Supervisor: Robert Malcolm R. Barclay

Student: Elodie Boudes
Supervisor: Joel Reardon

Student: Emilie Medland-Marchen
Supervisor: PJ Stortz

Student: Erisa Darvishi
Supervisor: Petronella Hermann

Student: Geoffrey Urch
Supervisor: Yuen-ying Carpenter

Student: Gia Luu
Supervisor: Markus Czub

Student: Graham Bennett
Supervisor: Satish Raj

Student: Graham Kelly
Supervisor: Michael John Jacobson Jr.

Student: Haoze Zhang
Supervisor: Jan Dettmer

Student: Heidi Grosjean
Supervisor: Craig N Jenne

Student: Helen Ling
Supervisor: Karen Benzies

Student: Ira Adam
Supervisor: Edward McCoy

Student: Jack Bieber
Supervisor: Aneal Khan

Student: Jacob McMillan
Supervisor: Thomas George Back

Student: James Naude
Supervisor: Jonathan Epp

Student: Jameson Dundas
Supervisor: Paul W.M. Fedak

Student: Janessa Bretner
Supervisor: Roswita Dressler

Student: Janine Pelletier
Supervisor: Mairi McDermott

Student: Jared Pitzel
Supervisor: Christopher Cully

Student: Jay Jay Cayabyab
Supervisor: Ivan Denislavov Detchev

Student: Jessica Cockburn
Supervisor: Man-Wai Chu

Student: Jie Ma
Supervisor: Majid Ghaderi

Student: Joshua Evans
Supervisor: Mary Reid

Student: Joshua Handy
Supervisor: Lisa Gieg

Student: Joshua Lee
Supervisor: Simon Hirota

Student: Kaitlin Schaaf
Supervisor: Elke Monika Lohmeier-Vogel

Student: Kate Lee
Supervisor: Penny Pexman

Student: Katia Milovanova
Supervisor: Joshua Bourdage

Student: Kaylee Stelter
Supervisor: Diwakar Krishnamurthy

Student: Kaylyn Kubes
Supervisor: Shalina S. Ousman

Student: Keith James Cleland
Supervisor: Sathish Ponnurangam

Student: Kendal David
Supervisor: Yahya El-Lahib

Student: Kevin Manohar
Supervisor: Chris Morton

Student: Kurt Hildebrand
Supervisor: Michael James Monument

Student: KyungHwan Woo
Supervisor: Catherine Lebel

Student: Larissa Tse
Supervisor: Elena Di Martino

Student: Lauren Campeau
Supervisor: Ryan Peters

Student: Leighton Fenske
Supervisor: Anuradha Gobin

Student: Lyra Qian
Supervisor: Micheal Pawliuk

Student: Man Chun Chung
Supervisor: Jeff Pieper

Student: Maria Hernandez
Supervisor: Walter Herzog

Student: Maria Pettyjohn
Supervisor: Sarah Quirk

Student: Marta Pietrzak
Supervisor: David Wood

Student: Mary (Emily) Cargan
Supervisor: Maren Aukerman

Student: Matthew Yeung
Supervisor: Lucie Lafay-Cousin

Student: Matthew Zapalski
Supervisor: Robert Woodrow

Student: Meghan Muller
Supervisor: Glenda MacQueen

Student: Micaela Mauthner
Supervisor: Ashley Harris

Student: Mikayla Fan
Supervisor: Chad Bousman

Student: Mina Mina
Supervisor: Ivan Denislavov Detchev

Student: Mischa Longman
Supervisor: Robert Huebert

Student: Mitchell Prostebby
Supervisor: Christophe Altier

Student: Munsu Hwang
Supervisor: Reda Elhajj

Student: Nicole Kitt
Supervisor: Clifton Cunningham

Student: Noah Toppings
Supervisor: Peter Dunfield

Student: Parneet Kahlon
Supervisor: David Scott

Student: Prithvi Shankara
Supervisor: Edward (Ted) Roberts

Student: Rachael Dien
Supervisor: Karen Benzies

Student: Rachel Huh
Supervisor: Lisa Roxanne Stowe

Student: Rachel Kolmatiski
Supervisor: Kevin Thurbide

Student: Raha Bahador
Supervisor: Gerald Giesbrecht

Student: Rainer Lim
Supervisor: Mohammad Moshirpour

Student: Rana Zibakhshshabgahi
Supervisor: Christoph Simon

Student: Rebecca Fyfe
Supervisor: Joseph Patrick Hettiaratchi

Student: Robby Graham
Supervisor: Kathryn Schneider

Student: Ryan Bianchini
Supervisor: Ebba U. Kurz

Student: Ryan Holt
Supervisor: Mozhdeh Shahbazi

Student: Ryan Lee
Supervisor: Christian Jacob

Student: Ryan Thon
Supervisor: Derrick E. Rancourt

Student: Ryan Zheng
Supervisor: Roes (Arief) Budiman

Student: Rysa Greenwood
Supervisor: Simon Trudel

Student: Saba Riaz
Supervisor: Naweed I. Syed

Student: Sabrina Pennetta
Supervisor: Francesca Cadel

Student: Sam Yeung
Supervisor: Guillaume Millet

Student: Sara Far
Supervisor: Dae-Kyun Ro

Student: Sara Ngan
Supervisor: Patrick Whelan

Student: Sarah Whiteside
Supervisor: Jan Storek

Student: Scott Agnew
Supervisor: Nicolas Ploquin

Student: Shauna Schechtel
Supervisor: Belinda Heyne

Student: Shifa Hayat
Supervisor: Victoria Fast

Student: Sofia Ahmed
Supervisor: Brent Else

Student: Sofija Stanic
Supervisor: Cathryn Ryan

Student: Sravya Kakumanu
Supervisor: Braden J. Manns

Student: Stephanie Crites
Supervisor: Zahinoor Ismail

Student: Tanmoy Newaz
Supervisor: Minh Dang Nguyen

Student: Taylor Pigott
Supervisor: David Thomas Cramb

Student: Yomna Waly
Supervisor: Kathleen Hughes

Student: Yuyang Wang
Supervisor: Denis Leahy

Student: Zhan Yu
Supervisor: Peter Christian Hoyer

Student: Abigail Hall
Supervisor: Susanne Cote

Student: Adam Gregory Humeniuk
Supervisor: Kristine Bauer

Student: Adrienna Marie Dyck
Supervisor: Marc Poulin

Student: Aiswarya Madhu
Supervisor: Steven Greenway

Student: Alex Vu
Supervisor: Gordon Campbell Teskey

Student: Alexander Wong
Supervisor: Daniel Heng

Student: Alyssa Marie Thompson
Supervisor: Steven Michael Vamosi

Student: Areeb Mohammed
Supervisor: Uttandaraman Sundararaj

Student: Armando Davalos
Supervisor: Brian Jackel

Student: Austin Luke Burman
Supervisor: Thomas George Back

Student: Caitlin Foster
Supervisor: Candace Konnert

Student: Cheyenne Choy
Supervisor: Alex Bierman

Student: Christopher Klune
Supervisor: Lisa Panayotidis

Student: Colby Elizabeth Regel
Supervisor: Lawrence David Harder

Student: Cole Sugden
Supervisor: Brian Brooks

Student: Colin Koon Wai Chan
Supervisor: Edward Chee-Tak Yeung

Student: Daniel Sola
Supervisor: David Eaton

Student: David Ng
Supervisor: Michael John  Jr Jacobsen

Student: Debbie McDougall
Supervisor: Marie Forcier

Student: Elisabeth (Lisa) Ragan
Supervisor: Gina Dimitropoulos

Student: Emil Joseph
Supervisor: Hieu Ngo

Student: Erica Kunimoto
Supervisor: Dianne Gereluk

Student: Eve Paraschuk
Supervisor: Suzanne Goopy

Student: Faeze Keshavarz-Rahaghi
Supervisor: Mark Beida

Student: Feeha Azeem
Supervisor: Naweed Syed

Student: Jacob Franklin Wardman
Supervisor: Elmar Josef Prenner

Student: Jacqueline Wilson
Supervisor: Karen Benzies

Student: Janelle Morhun
Supervisor: Lianne Tomfohr

Student: Jenny Liao
Supervisor: Gregory Carincross

Student: Joel Isenstein
Supervisor: Daniel Voth

Student: Julien Favreau
Supervisor: Julio Florin Mercader

Student: Julienne Cancio
Supervisor: Penny Pexman

Student: Karen Ngo
Supervisor: Uttandaraman Sundararaj

Student: Katia Greco
Supervisor: Simon Park

Student: Keith James Cleland
Supervisor: Karan Kunal

Student: Kendall Fraser
Supervisor: Andrea Protzner

Student: Keon Ma
Supervisor: Frank MacMaster

Student: Khaled Amery
Supervisor: Juan Murias

Student: Kyeong-Min (Kristina) Jeon
Supervisor: Sarah Childs

Student: Lise Rajewicz
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Blue

Student: Logan James Maddin
Supervisor: Cathryn Ryan

Student: Mai Tanaka
Supervisor: Mike Smith

Student: Malcolm Spytkowski
Supervisor: Tish Doyle-Baker

Student: Marguerite Alida Speelman
Supervisor: Andre Buret

Student: Marina DiMaio
Supervisor: Christine Sowiak

Student: Megan D'Souza
Supervisor: Lorraine Ventura

Student: Melanie Radford
Supervisor: Anthony Camara

Student: Melissa (Mel) Petrinack
Supervisor: Brian Rusted

Student: Mitchell Ryan Ashkin
Supervisor: Matt Vijayan

Student: Nicholas Massaro
Supervisor: Nigel Brockton

Student: Nilesh Sharma Sharma
Supervisor: Elke Monika Lohmeier-Vogel

Student: Pai (Rebecca) Chia Chen
Supervisor: Sui-Lam Wong

Student: Peter Friedrichsen
Supervisor: Sabrina Peric

Student: Rabeel Shafqat
Supervisor: Nick Turner

Student: Rachelle Celine Varga
Supervisor: Lisa Gieg

Student: Ricky Chang
Supervisor: Vanina Zaremberg

Student: Robert Taylor Moore
Supervisor: Sean Dukelow

Student: Ruiping Luo
Supervisor: Kathreen Ruskstuhl

Student: Samruddhi Pasalkar
Supervisor: Belinda Heyne

Student: Sarah Susan Bryden
Supervisor: Richard Dyck

Student: Sharon Francise Dong
Supervisor: Gregory Moorhead

Student: Shu Jun (Selina) Fan
Supervisor: Guillaume Millet

Student: Siddartha (Sid) Goutam
Supervisor: Wendy Hutchins

Student: Sydney Sparanese
Supervisor: Sonny Chan

Student: Tamara Williamson
Supervisor: Tavis Campbell

Student: Tiffany Dang
Supervisor: Michael Kallos

Student: Tim Luo
Supervisor: Yunyan Zhang

Student: Tina Guo
Supervisor: Maria Santana

Student: Tina Larkin-Black
Supervisor: Jennifer Hewson

Student: Troy Klassen
Supervisor: Lorraine Markotic

Student: Vanessa Pizante
Supervisor: Karen Seyffarth

Student: Weston Sandberg
Supervisor: Pratim Sengupta

Student: XueKun (Lily) Han
Supervisor: Chang-Chun Ling

Student: Xufan (Michelle) Lu
Supervisor: Elizabeth Ritter

Student: Yoyo Chan
Supervisor: David Donald Hansen

Student: Yu (Amy) Zhang
Supervisor: Marie Elizabeth Fraser

Student: Zachary Wierzbicki
Supervisor: Tonya Callaghan

Student: Zeyu Liu
Supervisor: John Nielsen

Student: Adam Watson
Supervisor: Sean Rogers

Student: Alan Coreas
Supervisor: Noreen Kamal

Student: Alex Gherasim
Supervisor: Peter Kusalik

Student: Alexandra Ivanova
Supervisor: Apostolos Kantzas

Student: Alina Kunitskaya
Supervisor: Kristina Rinker

Student: Ananya Parasor
Supervisor: Vaibhav Patel

Student: Anindita Bhattacharya
Supervisor: Wee Yong

Student: Anja Dressler
Supervisor: Dianne Gereluk

Student: Anne Lesack
Supervisor: Geoffrey McCafferty

Student: Austin Hartwell
Supervisor: Milana Trifkovic

Student: Bailey Longay
Supervisor: Tanvir Turin Chowdhury

Student: Benjamin Sasges
Supervisor: George Colpitts

Student: Beth Aiken
Supervisor: Irina Shilova

Student: Blake Ledger
Supervisor: Joern Davidsen

Student: Bronwyn Breen
Supervisor: William Bridel

Student: Bryan Ma
Supervisor: Matthew Thomas James

Student: Cassandra Klune
Supervisor: Vedran Lovic

Student: Chantal Snodgrass
Supervisor: Susan Cahill

Student: Chloe Duong
Supervisor: Thomas Oldenburg

Student: Christopher White-Gloria
Supervisor: Gregory Moorhead

Student: Cole Lord-May
Supervisor: David Eaton

Student: Cori Mah
Supervisor: Robert Martinuzzi

Student: Dale Block
Supervisor: Olive Chapman

Student: Daniel Korchinski
Supervisor: Joern Davidsen

Student: Emily Ku
Supervisor: Laura Sycuro

Student: Erin Miller
Supervisor: Robert Malcolm R. Barclay

Student: Fahad Iqbal
Supervisor: Naweed I. Syed

Student: Geoffrey Costigan
Supervisor: Dave Pattison

Student: Gregory Kawalec
Supervisor: Vassil Dimitrov

Student: Halley Silversides
Supervisor: Suzanne Goopy

Student: Hannah Anderson
Supervisor: Karen Bourrier

Student: Harmony Yuan
Supervisor: Sui-Lam Wong

Student: Herman Mohar
Supervisor: Brent W. Winston

Student: Isabella Hutchison
Supervisor: Mary Reid

Student: Jaimy Hannah
Supervisor: Giuseppe Iaria

Student: Janna Newton
Supervisor: Juan Murias

Student: Jeongah Park
Supervisor: Karl T. Riabowol

Student: Jess Freeman
Supervisor: Michael Ullyot

Student: Jonathan Shabash
Supervisor: Peter Christian Hoyer

Student: Jules van Irsel
Supervisor: David Knudsen

Student: Karys Hildebrand
Supervisor: Michael James Monument

Student: Kate Anderson
Supervisor: Maria Zytaruk

Student: Katelyn Deyholos
Supervisor: Suzanne C. Tough

Student: Kehinde Ariyo
Supervisor: Yahya El-Lahib

Student: Kyeong-Min (Kristina) Jeon
Supervisor: Paul W.M. Fedak

Student: Laurie Lee-Glover
Supervisor: Timothy Shutt

Student: Liam Connors
Supervisor: Marc Strous

Student: Lisa McColm
Supervisor: Keith Dobson

Student: Lise Rajewicz
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Blue

Student: Logan Haynes
Supervisor: Karin Orsel

Student: Maddison Canuel
Supervisor: Ralph Cartar

Student: Madeline Nickel
Supervisor: Christopher Sears

Student: Marcus Vespa
Supervisor: Thomas Baumgartner

Student: Marin Bonk
Supervisor: Suzanne Goopy

Student: Marko Balac
Supervisor: Harry Vandervlist

Student: Matthew Zapalski
Supervisor: Robert Woodrow

Student: Melissa Archbold
Supervisor: Gwendolyn Blue

Student: Micaela Mauthner
Supervisor: Ashley Harris

Student: Michael Esposito
Supervisor: Brent Edwards

Student: Michael Wrubleski
Supervisor: Greg McDermid

Student: Morgan Brooks
Supervisor: Stephen Michial Hubbard

Student: Nadia Riterman
Supervisor: Marie France Forcier

Student: Nathan Hartford
Supervisor: Robert Martinuzzi

Student: Neel Bhatt
Supervisor: Osman Alp

Student: Olivia Scully
Supervisor: William Bridel

Student: Philmo Gu
Supervisor: Sonny Chan

Student: Qahir Haji
Supervisor: Anthony B. Schryvers

Student: Raelyn Sullivan
Supervisor: Jeroen Stil

Student: Ramandeep Brar
Supervisor: Bruce MacLaurin

Student: Rayan (Ray) Valencia
Supervisor: Jan Dettmer

Student: Reginald Lybbert
Supervisor: Clifton Cunningham

Student: Roshani Puri
Supervisor: Kathryn King-Shier

Student: Shane Sims
Supervisor: Michael John Jacobson Jr.

Student: Shiyu Lu
Supervisor: Qingye Lu

Student: Silvana Valera
Supervisor: Miwa Takeuchi

Student: Susant Pant
Supervisor: Sonny Chan

Student: Sylvia Lee
Supervisor: Douglas Muench

Student: Tae Yeob Kim
Supervisor: Andrew P. Braun

Student: Xin Yu (Cindy) Zhang
Supervisor: Guillaume Millet

Student: Xining Chen
Supervisor: Peter Christian Hoyer

Student: Zachary Urquhart
Supervisor: Marc Strous