SoTL Foundations Badge

SoTL Foundations Program for Postdoctoral Scholars

The SoTL Foundations Development Program for Graduate Students invites students to join discussion-based sessions focused on brief foundational SoTL readings, participate in their choice of workshops and draft a preliminary SoTL plan. Students in this program will learn about scholarly, evidence-based approaches to student learning and teaching, and will have the opportunity to reflect and build upon their own teaching and learning practices. 

This badge is part of the Postdoctoral Scholar Certificates in University Teaching and Learning program. 

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Learning outcomes

  • Engage in collaborative, critically reflective conversations with colleagues to explore current issues, theories and research in postsecondary education
  • Articulate a research question and develop a plan to conduct a SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) project

Completion requirements

Introduction to SoTL workshop

Register for and attend the Introduction to SoTLworkshop

Self-register in D2L

Go to D2L and click on My Tools on the navigation bar, then select Self Registration. Look for "SoTL Foundations Program for Postdocs - Winter 2019" and enroll yourself in the course.

Go to D2L

Participate in 6 workshops

4 of the SoTL Foundations discussion group meetings

2 of the SoTL workshops (Ethics and SoTL, Aligning Research Questions and Design in SoTL, Students as Partners in SoTL)

Create a draft inquiry plan

Propose a potential research/inquiry project on a teaching and learning question of your choice.

Workshop schedule

Contact us

Dr. Kiara Mikita, PhD

Educational Development Consultant, Research in Teaching and Learning