Postdoctoral Certificate in University Teaching and Learning


2 years (suggested)

Time commitment

1 - 2 hours per week





Program description

The Postdoctoral Scholar Certificate in University Teaching and Learning provides you an opportunity to develop evidence-based teaching expertise and skills that are relevant across disciplines in postsecondary education. 

Throughout the program, you’ll develop skills and confidence in supporting student learning, success and engagement. You’ll also document your understanding of teaching and learning into a robust dossier that reflects your evolving experience, goals and skills.

Effective September 1, 2020, any four out of five badges (listed below) are required to complete the certificate. This is a continuous enrolment program designed to give you flexibility in how you decide to structure your learning. 

This certificate will enable University of Calgary postdoctoral scholars on diverse career paths in academia, government, industry and non-profit to gain essential teaching and learning skills and knowledge.

There is no formal application process to enrol in this certificate. Once you have registered for a course, we suggest you self-enrol in the certificate program so you can track your progress as you complete the badges and earn your certificate. 

Important information

The winter 2021 schedule is now available.

Please note: as of January 1, 2021 - TI 0878, TI 0895, and TI 0724 will no longer be included in the Learning Spaces & Digital Pedagogies badge. These courses will be replaced by TI 0900, TI 0901, and TI 0902.

If you are/were a University of Calgary postdoctoral scholar and you have earned any four out of five badges (listed below), you are eligible to apply for the certificate after September 1, 2020.

Participants are still welcome to complete all five badges.

Current badge completion requirements apply whether you have taken face-to-face or remote courses.

Click here to view the technology requirements for students taking online, remote and blended courses.


You will learn to

  • Engage in collaborative, critically reflective conversations with colleagues to explore current issues, theories and research in postsecondary education
  • Identify and implement research-informed teaching methods that enhance student learning
  • Practice peer teaching, and collecting and responding to feedback from colleagues
  • Articulate a research question and develop a plan to conduct a SoTL (Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) project
  • Evaluate and select effective learning technologies and maximize spaces to enhance student learning
  • Develop a teaching philosophy/dossier that aligns key beliefs about teaching and learning to sources of evidence drawn from participation in the certificate program

Program format

By taking designated short courses and completing a capstone project, you can earn up to five individual badges. Each badge has its own requirements. Once you have successfully completed any four out of five badges, you will be eligible to apply for the Postdoctoral Scholar Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

Badges are digital icons with embedded information about when, where and how they were earned. These microcredentials provide a visual record of achievement, and can be combined with a portfolio to allow users to demonstrate their learning in ways other than traditional credit course work. More information on badges can be found at UCalgary Badges. 

Emerging Teachers Development Badge

Emerging Teachers Development

Develop your skills and expertise in university teaching through a series of courses with opportunities for discussion, practice and reflection.

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SoTL Foundations Badge

SoTL Foundations

Learn about research-based inquiry to enhance teaching and learning through a series of discussion-based sessions.

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Learning Spaces & Digital Pedagogies Badge

Learning Spaces & Digital Pedagogies

Explore, discover and experience the latest learning technologies and the aspects of learning spaces that support and enhance teaching.

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Theories and Practices Badge

Theories and Practices

Focus on some of the big questions in teaching and learning and practice your skills in this cohort-based series.

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Developing Your Teaching Dossier​ Badge

Developing Your Teaching Dossier​

Integrate your experiences, approaches and accomplishments into a dossier, including evidence of your teaching practice, in this cohort-based series.

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