Staff with deep roots in UCalgary help make teaching and learning shine

How the renewed Academic and Research Plans shape our workplace at University of Calgary

Isadora Mok-Kulakova is the online learning environment lead at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. Photos by Riley Brandt, University of Calgary

By Mike Fisher, for University Relations

Isadora Mok-Kulakova balances the phone between her head and shoulder, takes another sip of mint tea as her eyes dart between two computer screens, asks for the course name and number, reaches past her iPhone with its pink cover, nods to someone passing by and tries her best to determine for the instructor on the other end the best way to set up an online quiz.

You got a problem?

Two University of Calgary tech whizzes from different departments who enable clear communications — Mok-Kulakova and Keith Mills — juggle tech-related questions daily. They ensure the smooth use of technologies that enhance learning and teaching, while driving innovation within the refreshed Academic and Research plans.

“Most people would not consider what I do as research, but in my everyday work, I do a lot of investigations,” says Mok-Kulakova, BA ‘99, BEd ’01, Med ‘07, the online learning environment lead at the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning. “People report issues, sometimes with very little detail. I have to ask questions, review logs, come up with steps to replicate the problem, troubleshoot and find a solution.” 

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