Academic Staff Certificate Application Form

This application form will help us to further understand your teaching and learning context as well as to articulate to you our expectations regarding course and certificate completion. Applications are due by December 10, 2019 and successful applicants will be notified on or before December 20, 2019. However, applications will be evaluated on an ongoing basis. Space is limited, so we recommend that you apply early. Once the course is full, a wait list will be created for Winter and Fall 2020. 

In order to receive the Academic Staff Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, individuals must complete two courses. 

1. Teaching and Learning Practices, Theories and Assessment (Required)


2. Inquiry and Scholarship in Teaching and Learning (Optional)


3. Educational Leadership and Mentorship (Optional)

It is expected that participants will attend all learning sessions and complete all course requirements. Each course involves approximately 24 hours of class time (both face to face and online) with assignments to be completed outside of class time. Peer teaching observations are required as part of the Winter 2020 course (for more information see peer teaching resources). If you're not able to meet the program requirements, please submit your application another time. 

Please reflect on the questions below using specific examples from your experience and making connections to student learning whenever possible.

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    Current: Program Requirements
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    General Information
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    Professional Learning Plan

Thank you for your interest. However, this certificate is not intended for graduate students or postdoctoral scholars. Please register in one of our other Certificates in University Teaching and Learning, which are tailored for your teaching contexts.