Academic Integrity

Educational Leaders in Residence (ELR) are responsible for developing and implementing high-impact, institutional teaching and learning projects that lead to clear outcomes and results. 

Our ELR for Academic Integrity will collaboratively work to build awareness and contribute to the development of resources around academic integrity across the University of Calgary. 

Sarah Eaton

Educational Leader in Residence, Academic Integrity

In the area of academic integrity, our Educational Leader in Residence will be responsible for developing the following activities and initiatives: 

  • Continue to build awareness of academic integrity across the University and further develop the academic integrity network
  • Advise and contribute to the development of resources and supports needed to support staff,  students and other university stakeholders in academic integrity
  • Evaluate and disseminate the success and impact of academic integrity educational initiatives
  • Develop local, regional and national partnerships that connect initiatives and scholarship in the area of academic integrity
  • Facilitate campus conversations related to academic integrity through existing campus networks and committees (e.g. Associate Deans, Teaching and Learning, GFC teaching and learning committee, TI workshops and events)
  • Connecting with other Educational Leaders in Residence, TI leadership and the VPTL to share learning, report on progress and advise on issues related to academic integrity


About Dr. Sarah Eaton 

Dr. Sarah Elaine Eaton, PhD, is an assistant professor in the Werklund School of Education. She began her teaching career at the University of Calgary in 1994 as a sessional instructor, joining the ranks of the full-time faculty in 2016. She has taught courses in the Faculty of Arts and the Werklund School of Education. For the past several years, most of her teaching has focused on graduate courses in Education. Eaton was the recipient of the Werklund School of Education Teaching Excellence Award for 2014-2015. Her research interests focus on academic integrity, including contract cheating and plagiarism.