Academic Integrity

Academic integrity is a core value of the University of Calgary. At UCalgary, academic integrity is a commitment to, and the demonstration of, honest and responsible scholarship. It's important that our faculty and staff feel supported when identifying and handling cases of academic misconduct. 

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Course Design

Course design and instructional design are closely related fields that involve using research-informed theory and practice to foster meaningful learning experiences. The Learning and Instructional Design team has created comprehensive resources on course design and subjects that fall within course design such as student assessment and course outlines.

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Curriculum Review & Development

The Taylor Institute has created a number of resources to support groups with Curriculum Review and Curriculum Development at the University of Calgary.

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Formative Feedback

Formative feedback is an intentional, voluntary, developmental strategy for instructors to receive feedback about their teaching, with the goal of better understanding and improving student learning. We've launched a formative feedback initiative to provide instructors with information, resources and strategies to incorporate into their teaching.

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Online Learning

Online learning is a form of distance education that allows students to study without coming to campus at all. It provides learners with the accessibility and flexibility of learning at their own paces, and it allows instructors to teach from any place with an internet connection.

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Teaching controversial issues

The teaching of controversial subjects presents an opportunity to expose students to a wide variety of perspectives, and to provide them with tools to analyze issues and communicate across differences.

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Teaching philosophies and dossiers

This guide is a comprehensive resource for creating a teaching dossier that presents an integrated summary of your teaching philosophy, approaches, accomplishments and effectiveness.

Teaching philosophies and dossiers

Undergraduate Research

Are you an undergraduate student interested in research? Check out our collection of open-access videos where University of Calgary graduate students provide useful insights related to developing research skills.

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