Online Learning

Online learning is a form of education where instruction and learning take place in the online environment using a variety of teaching and learning activities and student assessment strategies. It has the potential for both learners and instructors to engage with each other and the course material in accessible, flexible and meaningful ways.


Online Course Design Checklist

Use this checklist as a guide before your online course is opened to students, as reminders for you throughout the semester, and as a review at the end of the course.

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Online Course Planning Template

Use this template to help plan and sequence your online course.

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Online Discussion Board Activity Planning Worksheet

Use this lesson planning template to help plan online discussion board activities/lessons.

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Online Course Trailer Design

A course trailer is a short two to four minute video that uses multimedia to provide information about the course with the intention of engaging the learner. Help your course outline get the attention it deserves. Learn how to create a course trailer to get students excited about the course, and the resources offered by the Learning Technologies and Design Team at the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning (digital tools, software and technology) that will best deliver your message to your students.

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Online Assessment in Higher Education Guide

As online academic programs become more common in higher education, more instructors must design their courses and student assessments for the online environment. When designing online assessments common considerations such as aligning assessments with course learning outcomes, providing clear criteria for students, and protecting academic integrity need to be made. However, there are additional and unique factors to consider for the online environment, such as using technology effectively and addressing any student concerns. Through a combination of research and practice, this guide is a resource for instructors to help plan, design, and implement student assessments in fully online courses.

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Making online discussion boards work

There are many different ways to use discussion boards to enhance collaborative learning in an online space. Formal opportunities for collaboration become more important to prevent isolation and increase meaningful learning.

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Promoting academic integrity in online courses

Five strategies to support academic integrity in online assessments.

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