Academic Integrity

Resources for faculty and staff

Academic integrity is a core value of the University of Calgary. At UCalgary, academic integrity is a commitment to, and the demonstration of, honest and responsible scholarship. It's important that our faculty and staff feel supported when identifying and handling cases of academic misconduct. 

If you would like information of the University of Calgary's Student Academic Misconduct Policy and Procedure, click here

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Students can avoid committing plagiarism by improving their knowledge of citation styles, grammar and editing and how to write scientific papers and reports. 

15 strategies to detect contract cheating 

Do you suspect a student might be guilty of contract cheating? It can be tricky — but not impossible — to detect. Learn how to apply simple strategies that can help you determine if your student has contracted out an assignment.

By Dr. Sarah Eaton, PhD

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How to lead a discovery interview about contract cheating 

When trying to detect contract cheating, engage the student in a conversation about their learning. A guided interview with the student can help you to understand what happened.

By Dr. Sarah Eaton, PhD

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25 strategies to prevent plagiarism 

Sometimes preventing plagiarism can be as easy as opening up the conversation about it with your students in class. Try applying any one of these 25 practical strategies to prevent plagiarism in your courses. 

By Dr. Sarah Eaton, PhD

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Webinar: Academic Integrity in Online Exams

Special guest speaker, Tod Denham, Exams Department Supervisor, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Open Learning, shares his insights and experiences with how to uphold academic integrity in online exams.

He covers:

- Current practices at TRU

- What works, what the challenges are

- Considerations for those who design, develop and deliver online courses.

Webinar hosted by Dr. Sarah Eaton, PhD, on February 21, 2020.

Resources for students

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre offers interactive workshops and writing resources to help students learn more about plagiarism and how to avoid it.