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Learning Module: Developing Online Courses


6 open-access lessons

Time commitment

1.5 – 3 hours





Foundations of designing online courses

Designing and teaching an online course has similarities to its classroom counterpart, yet there are some unique considerations and decisions to make towards creating a meaningful online learning experience. This online module provides guidance to putting a course online using course design and teaching online best practices.

You will be able to

  • Orient yourself to online teaching and learning

  • Consider multiple ways to foster and support online student engagement

  • Select content, activities and assessments that are aligned to your course learning outcome

  • Plan your online course and start building the course in D2L

In this module, you will find: 

  • 1 video 
  • 4 worksheets 
  • Additional reading and resources


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Lesson 1: Introduction to online learning

Learning environment

Lesson 2: Foster an inclusive and accessible learning environment

Learning outcomes

Lesson 3: Developing online course learning outcomes

games in learning

Lesson 4: Designing online learning activities and assessments


Lesson 5: Communicating with students


Lesson 6: Structuring course content


Patrick Kelly 

Manager, Learning and Instructional Design 

Lin Yu

Learning and Instructional Design Specialist

Haboun Bair

Learning and Instructional Design Specialist

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Jessica Snow

Communications & Marketing Manager

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