Course design and instructional design are closely related fields that involve using research-informed theory and practice to foster meaningful learning experiences.

Course Outlines

University of Calgary Course Outline Template - Basic

The template is an optional tool designed to help instructors provide students with consistent presentation of course information. Basic instructions regarding the content and suggested order of each course outline category are provided, in addition to several boilerplate examples that may be used. The development of the templates was informed by consideration of best practices in instructional design, the content of several existing U of C course outlines, course outline templates used at other institutions.

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Course Outline Checklist

As per the Academic Calendar, unit heads are required to approve course outlines and confirm that the required elements are included. This checklist will support both instructors and administrators in their planning and approval processes.

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Course Design Resources

The Learning and Instructional Design team has created comprehensive resources on course design and subjects that fall within course design such as student assessment and course outlines. 

Course Design Program Manual

This is the manual from the Taylor Institute’s course design program. It is intended to compliment the program but can be used on its own. If you wish to make use of this manual or content within please provide attribution to the Educational Development Unit of the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, University of Calgary.

Course Design Program Manual (PDF)

Student Assessment

Assessment of student learning is one of the most important components of course design. It often is the major motivating force for students and determines what they focus on throughout the course. The following resources outline the importance of student assessment and highlight the principles that should guide the development and practice of effective student assessment.

Background Discussion Paper

Guiding Principles for Assessment in Postsecondary Education: An Evidence-Based Approach Gabrielle Lindstrom and Lynn Taylor (2017).

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Summary Paper

Guiding Principles for the Assessment of Students’ Learning Gabrielle Lindstrom and Lynn Taylor (2017).

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Guiding Principles for Assessment of Students' Learning

Guiding Principles for Assessment of Students’ Learning, Taylor Institute Guide Series, By Gabrielle Lindstrom, Lynn Taylor and Ashley Weleschuk (2017).

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Principles and Practices of Student Assessment Blog 

This website is a compilation of assessment methods used by instructors from various faculties and disciplines at the University of Calgary. There is a description of the types of methods used, the classes they were used in and the results. Each method relates to one or more of the principles of effective assessment and can be used as an example for instructors looking for new assessment strategies. 

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