Trauma-Informed Teaching and Learning Practices Post-COVID

Living under a sustained global pandemic has affected us in diverse and sometimes traumatizing ways. Yet, we cannot simply leave past trauma and present-day stressors 'at the door' when we arrive on campus. Instead, we must recognize ways in which our practices support or impede resilience in our learning and working spaces. This session explores how a 'trauma-informed' approach supports students and educators both during and post-pandemic.

Learning outcomes:  

  • Articulate how both stress and trauma responses may affect learning and work
  • Distinguish between saviourism and stewardship when describing relationships between individual and community well-being
  • Apply Venet’s four-priorities model to identify opportunities for trauma-informed practices in our classrooms and broader campus spaces
  • Explain connections between equity and trauma-informed practices in higher education spaces

Facilitator: Dr. Yuen-ying Carpenter, PhD

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