Developing your Dossier Module

Learning Module: Developing Your Teaching Dossier


6 open-access lessons

Time commitment

2 – 4 hours





Developing your teaching dossier

In higher education, teaching dossiers are a requirement for many job applications, promotion and/or tenure, and teaching award nominations. Developing a teaching dossier can be a transformative experience as it provides the opportunity to reflect upon, explore, and document your experiences, philosophy, approaches, and effectiveness.

Developing a teaching dossier takes significant time to prepare. This module has been designed to guide you through the reflective and transformative process outlined in the D O S S I E R Model: Develop your dossier; Organize, prepare and identify your purpose; State your teaching philosophy statement; Situate your teaching context; Identify you teaching approaches; Exhibit selected evidence of effectiveness and accomplishments; and Review, reflect and summarize your dossier including future goals for growth and development.  

This is a guide only and your department, faculty, or institution may have specific requirements to follow.

In this module, you will find: 

  • 5 worksheets
  • 3 downloadable PDFs
  • 1 video
  • Assorted examples and templates
  • Additional reading and resources


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D O S S I E R model

DOSSIER Model Infographic

You will be able to

  • Develop your teaching dossier 
  • Organize and identify your purpose
  • State your teaching philosophy
  • Situate your teaching context
  • Identify the components of your dossier
  • Exhibit evidence of teaching effectiveness 
  • Review and summarize


Person sitting with books and laptop

Lesson 1: Organize and identify your purpose

Woman on computer screen

Lesson 2: State your teaching philosophy

People standing in front of books

Lesson 3: Situate your teaching context

Man holding a book

Lesson 4: Identify the components of your dossier

Woman with a book

Lesson 5: Exhibit evidence of teaching effectiveness

People standing with books and a plant

Lesson 6: Review and summarize


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