Learning Module: Blended Learning


3 open-access lessons

Time commitment

2 hours





Blended learning is when a course integrates both the physical classroom and online learning. The purpose of this module is to provide instructors practical strategies and the opportunity to critically reflect on how to best integrate both physical and online spaces to create a blended learning environment. In this module you will find information, examples, practical strategies and worksheets to consider how to blend your course effectively to promote student engagement and learning. 

You will be able to

  • Identify the purpose of using blended learning to support student learning 

  • Leverage your experiences and materials with both in-class and online courses to blend your course 

  • Plan face-to-face and online activities that support course learning outcomes and student learning 

  • Create and evaluate a blended course design plan 

In this module, you will find: 

  • 2 videos 
  • 2 worksheets 
  • 3 lessons
  • Additional resources



Students in a classroom

Lesson 1: Getting started with blended learning

Students learning

Lesson 2: Integrating the classroom and online environments

Students learning

Lesson 3: Planning and creating your blended course


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