Ethics in the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

This Taylor Institute Guide takes the researcher through the essentials of the Canadian standards for ethical practice in the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL). Because of the unique challenges of SoTL, where the human participants that are the subject of the research are also typically the researcher’s students, this guide translates the comprehensive TCPS2 (2014) for the researcher conducting SoTL research.

Research with human participants is complex. Just as the TCPS2 supports researchers in managing that complexity, we hope that this guide will be helpful to SoTL researchers in their design process, so that their research projects will be sound and robust, and the resulting insights can inform and extend our understanding of the processes of learning and of supporting that learning with effective, evidence-based instruction.

Additional Ethics Support

Dr. Lisa Fedoruk, PhD, has also developed a downloadable summary poster as a helpful visual resource, and has worked with Dr. Kiara Mikita, PhD, to develop this downloadable template to support planning and designing ethical SoTL research.

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