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Learning Module: Managing Student Team Projects


6 open-access lessons

Time commitment

2– 3 hours





Planning, supporting and assessing team projects

Students need to be equipped with foundational teamwork skills to succeed in increasingly fluid and collaborative workplaces post-graduation. Employers consistently rate teamwork as an essential competency for career readiness and research shows that collaborative learning has many benefits, including improved self-esteem, engagement, learning and achievement.

Teamwork can also be challenging for both instructors and students. This online module provides guidance on how to successfully design student team projects. 

You will be able to

  • Identify strategies to design, integrate and assess team projects 

  • Forster an environment where teamwork is valued and supported (feedback) 

  • Design a team project for either online, blended, or classroom-based courses 

  • Create grading strategies to assess team projects and individual students 

  • Identify strategies to support student mental health and wellbeing during teamwork 

  • Incorporate individual and team critical reflection into team projects 

In this module, you will find: 

  • 4 videos 
  • 2 real, in-depth course examples
  • 5 worksheets


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Lesson 1: Introduction to managing team projects


Lesson 2: Strategies for designing and assessing team projects

Octopus student

Lesson 3: Biochemistry team project case study

Super Old Guy

Lesson 4: Designing online team projects

Happy Man

Lesson 5: Education team project case study

Happy Girl

Lesson 6: Team projects and experiential learning


Patrick Kelly

Manager, Learning and Instructional

Dr. Barbara Brown, PhD

Assistant professor, Werklund School of Education 

Rachel Braun

Evaluation, Reporting and Support Specialist
Experiential Education Team 

Dr. Isabelle Barrette-Ng, PhD

Professor and Department Head in the Department of Integrative Biology, University of Windsor

Dr. Christy Thomas, EdD

Adjunct assistant professor and sessional instructor, Werklund School of Education 

Dr. Melissa Boyce, PhD

Associate dean (undergraduate programs and student affairs), Faculty of Arts 

Kara Loy

Educational Development Consultant (Experiential Learning and Undergraduate Research)

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