Mental Health Check-In: Gearing Up for a New Academic Year

This webinar will explore the current challenges related to mental health on postsecondary campuses in the context of COVID-19. Drawing on his clinical expertise and research evidence-base, Dr. Dobson will engage in thoughtful discussion of how we can support ourselves and our community as we enter a new academic year. He will also identify and discuss navigation of community and campus mental health resources. Finally, Dr. Dobson will answer questions related to mental health and wellbeing within the context of COVID-19 from webinar participants.

Learning outcomes:

  • Summarize any learnings since the beginning of the pandemic in terms of mental health
  • Understand the mental health issues that might arise as we return to campus
  • Identify with participants how to incorporate self-care strategies, and find campus and community resources to support mental health
  • Discuss how we can support loved ones and our communities that have been isolated, or otherwise in distress over the past year and a half

Facilitator: Dr. Keith Dobson, PhD

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