List of Resources for Online Experiential Learning

EL toolkits and modules

These toolkits and modules are available for free online. Those that are licensed under the Creative Commons may be shared as their own short-course or be used to supplement curriculum materials in other courses.  

Community-Based Research Modules

Trent University’s community-based research modules are a bundled set of adaptable eLearning modules that develop students' foundational skills in community-based research. These modules are licensed under the Creative Commons (CC-BY 4.0).

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Cooperative Education and Work-Integrated Learning (CEWIL) Canada

CEWIL Canada (formerly the Canadian Association for Co-operative Education) is the lead organization for work-integrated learning in Canada. CEWIL partners include post-secondary institutions, community members, employers, government, and students who champion work-integrated learning. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, CEWIL is currently developing resources specific to WIL and remote learning. 

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Experiential Learning Toolkit

EL Toolkit provides information, examples, and free templates for designing, delivering, facilitating, and evaluating EL in higher education. These modules are licensed under the Creative Commons (CC-BY 4.0). 

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SUNY Center for Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

The SUNY COIL Center is one of the leading international organizations for globally networked learning. The COIL model partners postsecondary classes in different countries. Instructors co-create a shared syllabus for the course, and students engage in a collaborative and multicultural online classroom. 

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WIL Open Module Initiative

The WIL Open Module Initiative is a comprehensive set of 31 open-access, learner-centered modules that support WIL preparedness among post-secondary students. These modules are licensed under the Creative Commons (CC-BY NC 4.0). 

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EL articles and resources

A curated list of online articles and resources that may be of interest when transitioning from hands-on to online EL.

Faculty Focus. Creating experiential learning opportunities in any course

This Faculty Focus article embeds Bloom’s Taxonomy within Kolb’s EL cycle.

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Future proven: Take a AAA approach to work-integrated learning

The University of Waterloo has created the AAA framework for quality WIL. This document outlines future-proven resources for employers to ensure quality and success of a WIL placement in all circumstances, including a checklist for employers before, during, and after hiring a student. 

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Virtual museums

Engage with online collections and virtual tours of art, science, and culture museums across the globe. See the Museum Computer Network for a growing collection of free virtual museum e-learning resources, and the Creativity, Culture, and Science blog for online activity and assignment ideas.

Using Advocacy to Debrief Experiential Learning

An introduction to advocacy inquiry debriefing and how it can be applied to experiential learning in any discipline.

Created by UCalgary graduate student, Kimberley Andrews.

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