Teaching Philosophies and Teaching Dossiers Guide

Dr. Natasha Kenny, PhD, Dr. Carol Berenson, PhD, Dr. Cheryl Jeffs, PhD, Dr. Lorelli Nowell, PhD, and Dr. Kimberley Grant, PhD, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning 

September 2018

Teaching and learning in higher education are inherently complex processes. Increasingly, postsecondary educators are seeking ways to reflect on and provide robust, accurate evidence of the scope and quality of their teaching approaches, practices, and impact on student learning and the broader academic community. This guide is a comprehensive resource for creating a teaching dossier that presents an integrated summary of your teaching philosophy, approaches, accomplishments, and effectiveness. Based on a compilation of current scholarship and open access resources available through the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning, this guide uses a literature-informed framework for developing teaching expertise to lead you through a series of practical exercises to develop and strengthen your teaching dossier and philosophy.

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