Curriculum Links Release Notes

v.0.97 (Aug 23, 2019)


  • Page breaks added to PDF reports 
  • Increased the maximum allowed length of PLO categories

Bugs fixed:

  • Charts were not exported correctly, when there were multiple charts on a page (student assessment methods and teaching and learning activities)
  • Updating course information (general) was not reflected until the page was reloaded.


  • Analysis questions can be defined and added to program reports

v.0.96 (Aug 7, 2019)


  •  Outcome maps now show full course outcomes, instead of limiting the number of words to display.
  • Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and Information Policy have been updated.

Bug Fixes:

  • Teaching and learning activities were not displayed in course summaries if assessment methods were not enabled.
  •  When the assessment format is text, course names were not displayed in a PDF report.

  • When deleting program level learning outcomes, the modal window did not disappear after it was deleted and the browser needed to be refreshed to see the changes.

  • Course Maps were not displayed correctly in PDF, if the number of PLOs is greater than 15. 

v.0.95 (May 8, 2019)

New Features

  • Reports > Charts > Teaching and Learning Activities: You can display TLAs in Text format
  • You can add TLAs (with or without Extent of Use) in Text format add to a report 
  • Reports > Charts > Student Assessment Methods: You can display Assessment Methods, Assessment Timing, and Assessment Level of Understanding in Text format 
  • You can add Assessment charts (Methods, Timing and Levels) in Text format to a report