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Building stronger connections between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples, schools and communities through praxis based learning opportunities

Patricia Danyluk, Werklund School of Education Yvonne Poitras-Pratt, Werklund School of Education

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Competence, resilience and adaptability with and without learning augmentation

Rachel Ellaway, Cumming School of Medicine

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Developing student teamwork skills through feedback on personality and conflict management styles

Melissa Boyce, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts Marjan Eggermont, Schulich School of Engineering Tom O'Neill, Department of Psychology, Faculty of Arts Denis Onen, Schulich School of Engineering

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Developing teamwork competency through interprofessional education

Sandra Goldsworthy, Faculty of Nursing

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Embedding professional development education in the graduate school curriculum

Derrick Rancourt, Cumming School of Medicine

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Enhancing educational leadership, student engagement and community ties: The untapped potential of block week courses

Cornelia Burian, Faculty of Arts, Department of Linguistics, Languages and Culture

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Implementation of a team-based learning strategy in the Faculty of Nursing program using an innovative technological approach

Linda Duffett-Leger, Faculty of Nursing

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Presence in the academy: A community of practice in contemplative pedagogy

Rachael Crowder, Faculty of Social Work

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Program SAGES (SoTL Advancing Graduate Education in STEM)

Isabelle Barrette-Ng, Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science

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Providing meaningful feedback for student learning: Creating a program of assessment for veterinary students in their clinical year

Kent Hecker, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

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Find out what our Teaching Scholars have been up to with this preliminary list of publications from various projects.

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Program reports

Program report, January 2020

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Mid-term report, June 2018

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