Teaching Scholars program

The Teaching Scholars program supports faculty in enhancing their educational leadership by pursuing initiatives that enrich the quality of teaching and learning. Recipients will receive up to $40,000 over three years to implement specific teaching and learning initiatives.

The University of Calgary Teaching Scholars Program is designed to strengthen educational leadership across departments and faculties. Whether they hold formal or informal roles, educational leaders have substantial impact on teaching and learning cultures and practices. They make a difference by sharing knowledge and research, creating social support networks, mentoring others and influencing change (Fields et al., in press; Hannah & Lester, 2009; Mårtensson & Roxå, 2016). The Teaching Scholars program provides academic staff (especially those who do not hold formal leadership roles) with the opportunity to build their educational leadership by implementing strategic teaching and learning initiatives. The program also allows its members to engage other academic staff in professional learning opportunities to strengthen their own teaching and learning practices.

Program goals

  • Build faculty members' educational leadership capacities, especially those who do not hold formal leadership roles
  • Strengthen educational leadership capacities within and across faculties and create an interdisciplinary community of educational leaders
  • Implement strategic teaching and learning initiatives within and across disciplines
  • Create professional learning opportunities to engage and help other instructors strengthen their teaching and learning practice
  • Increase recognition of Teaching Scholars at local, national and international levels
  • Advance research, scholarly inquiry and knowledge related to teaching and learning

Program report, January 2020


Progress report, January 2019


Mid-term report, June 2018



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The Taylor Institute would like to thank Dr. Dawn Johnston, Dr. Jackie Seidel and Dr. Wendy Benoit, Deans Council, the Teaching and Learning Leaders Network, the 2016-2019 University of Calgary Teaching Scholars and the Teaching and Learning Committee of the General Faculties Council, for their valuable contributions and input into the development of this program.