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Become an undergraduate research supervisor and mentor

Research on Global Challenges is a pilot course designed for students in their second year and above to conduct research and explore solutions to complex global challenges. Students will develop their research skills in an interdisciplinary cohort as they investigate complex problems such as poverty, hunger, health, education, gender, climate change and economic growth.

Faculty researchers are invited to supervise and mentor undergraduate students in a research stream that: 

  • Aligns with their own disciplinary area of research and expertise
  • Aligns with one or more of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals

Important dates and deadlines

UNIV 302 will be offered in fall 2021. 

Applications are now closed.

Students will be accepted on an ongoing basis and the application form will close when the course is full, or at the application deadline. Interested students are encouraged to apply early.

Contact cdci@ucalgary.ca


An innovative, new course model 

In UNIV 302, you will receive tailored support depending on the number of students in your research stream. Research streams will include five or more students and receive support from a research coach. As the research supervisor, you will determine and direct the focus of your stream. 

You will propose a research project that is aligned with at least one of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. Our team will support you by matching you with students who have expressed interest in your research stream. 

Students will undergo an application process (managed by the CDCI) and they will agree to work collaboratively with other students in your research stream cohort. 

As an undergraduate research supervisor, you will: 

  • Engage and mentor undergraduate students as partners in inquiry, challenging them to be creators and discoverers of knowledge.
  • Expand and explore your research areas of interest.
  • Receive support from a research coach, the CDCI course instructor and administrative team.
  • Be a part of a new initiative that combines the elements of curiosity, discovery, dissemination, and reflection into a unique, immersive student research experience.

Students will attend an hour lecture once a week led by the CDCI course instructor, followed immediately by a one-hour meeting with their research supervisor and research coach. Students will also commit to 5-6 hours per week of research

Students from all streams will meet weekly in the lecture-based portion of the course, where they will further develop their research skills, reflect on their experiences, connect with other students in the program and explore research from interdisciplinary perspectives. 

Students complete course requirements for a 300-level course credit with the submission of a final assignment and sharing their research finding with the rest of the student cohort. 

Student must be in their second year and above and have completed 30 academic units.

Yes, we suggest that you recruit students you already know to the program; however, depending on the applications, we might suggest adding other students to your cohort. 

Research streams will receive the support of a research coach. Research coaches are graduate or senior undergraduate students that provide hands-on, discipline specific training and coaching to students. They will also act as a liaison between you and the students. They can commit up to 20 hours of time per week. 

The CDCI team and course instructor facilitates the weekly lectures and trains the research coaches. The CDCI instructor is responsible for overall assessment of learning outcomes, specifically critical reflection. The CDCI team supports student recruitment and selection, and manages operational elements of the course.  

UNIV 302 support model

How do I get started?

The UNIV 302 course set up includes first establishing a research stream, then recruiting students to apply, and selecting and registering an interdisciplinary cohort. To establish a research stream, faculty researchers initiate the process by submitting a Research Supervisor Form to the CDCI.

Define your research stream

You will develop and refine your research project stream, identifying alignment with at least one of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

UN's Sustainable Development Goals

Complete the Research Supervisor Form

You will complete the Research Supervisor Form to establish a research stream and submit it to the CDCI for approval. You will need to apply for ethics approval if required and you should consider the need for a research coach. 

Download the form

Recruit students

You will recruit students to participate in UNIV 401.32. We can support you in the recruitment process as needed by facilitating discussions between you and interested students. Students can also approach supervisors directly.

Students apply online

Your students will submit the online application form and identify which research stream they want to enrol in.

Student application form

Review applications

You will receive the applications and select students, sending the final list of students in your research stream to the CDCI.

Review student eligibility

The CDCI team will review the student’s eligibility to enrol and initiates their course enrolment.