Kim Grant

Educational Development Consultant

Academic & Research Team

PhD, Education, Curriculum and Learning

University of Calgary

Contact information


Office: 403.220.6481


Educational Development Consultant

As an educational development consultant, Kim works with individuals and groups on curriculum review and development as well as on broader teaching and learning projects. She leads the Academic Staff Certificate for University Teaching and Learning and facilitates the Teaching and Learning Practices, Theories and Assessment course. Kim is one of the primary contacts for faculty inquiries from the Faculty of Arts and Werklund School of Education. 

Kim's current research focuses on partnering with graduate students in educational development activities.


Kim’s ongoing interest in educational questions led to her to earn a PhD in Curriculum and Learning from the University of Calgary. With extensive teaching experience in secondary and postsecondary classrooms, Kim is drawn to a wide range of teaching and learning topics. She has expertise in teacher self-assessment, learning theories, authentic assessment and learning-centred curriculum. 


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