Kara Loy

Educational Development Consultant (Experiential Learning & Undergraduate Research)

Experiential Learning Team

EdD Candidate

Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary

MEd, Interdisciplinary (eLearning and Bilingual Education)

University of Calgary, 2016

BA (Hons with Distinction), English

University of Saskatchewan, 2006

BLA, Spanish

University of Saskatchewan, 1998

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Educational Development Consultant (EL & UGR)

Kara Loy advances experiential learning and undergraduate research by collaborating with faculty, staff and students across campus. She contributes to faculty development and academic citizenship by designing evidence-based resources, building transdisciplinary and intervarsity relationships, growing the scholarship of teaching and learning in postsecondary education, and connecting curricular activities with industry and community engagement.


Kara's career has evolved from rich foundations in the humanities and liberal arts to more recent academic and professional development in education. She holds an interdisciplinary Master of Education with specializations in elearning and bilingual education from the Werklund School of Education, University of Calgary (2016), and a Bachelor of Arts in Humanities (High Honours with Distinction) in English (2006), a postgraduate teaching certificate in English as a Subsequent Language (CERTESL, 2005) and a Bachelor of Liberal Arts Degree in Spanish (1998), all from the University of Saskatchewan. She is currently pursuing an Educational Doctorate (EdD) in educational leadership with the Werklund School of Education, with an interest in researching how professors are leading change in Canadian higher education via professional practices and networks. Since 2019 she has served as an elected councillor for the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR).

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Peer-reviewed publications:
Cheeptham, N., Mahara, S., Antoine, M., & Loy, K. (2020). Aboriginal Youth Summer Camp in Science and Health Science: A Western Canadian University Review of 10 Years of Successes and Learning. International Journal of Science Educationhttps://doi.org/10.1080/21548455.2020.1748743.

Lieffers, J., Finch, S., Banow, R. & Loy, K. (2019). A course-based first-year research experience for undergraduate nutrition students. [Special Issue: Scholarship of Learning] Journal of Nutrition Education and Behaviour. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jneb.2019.10.020.

Guo, X., Loy, K. & Banow, R. (2017). Can First Year Undergraduate Students Do Research? Journal of Geography in Higher Education. https://doi.org/10.1080/03098265.2018.1455173.

Sangster, S., Loy, K., Mills, S., & Lawson, K. (2016). Engaging first-year university students in research: promise, potentials, and pitfalls. The Canadian Journal of Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. https://doi.org/10.5206/cjsotl-rcacea.2016.1.3.

Presentations (invited and refereed):
Chattopadhyay Mukherjee, P., & Loy, K. (2020). At Home with the Other: Exploring Intercultural Empathy through Critical Literacies. South Asia Literary Association, South Asia in the Academy: Classroom Practices, Professional Citizenship, and Intellectual Agency. Refereed conference presentation, Jan. 2020: Seattle WA, U.S.A.

Loy, K. (2019). Harvesting SoTL From the Fields. Mount Royal SoTL Institute Symposium on the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL). Closing keynote presentation, Nov. 2020: Banff AB, Canada.

Aitken, A., Chutko, K., Guo, X., Loy, K., & Banow, R., (2019). Undergraduate Research in Environmental Science: Using FYRE to Ignite Student Curiosity and Discovery. From Teaching to Research Publication: The Fundamentals of Doing SoTL. University of Saskatchewan Teaching and Learning Conference. Conference presentation, May 2019: Saskatoon SK, Canada.

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Loy, K. (2017). How sophisticated English language learners achieve with sociocultural supports. Saskatchewan Teachers of English as an Additional/Subsequent Language Saskatchewan Provincial Conference. Conference presentation, April 2017: Saskatoon SK, Canada.

Zink, L. & Loy, K. (2017). Administration Took Kit: faculty engagement, collaboration and resource management. Council on Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research Program Directors Biennial Conference. Conference presentation, July 2017: Flagstaff AZ, U.S.A.

Guo, X., Loy, K., & Banow, R. (2017). Can first-year undergraduate students do research? Connecting Higher Education: International perspectives on research-based education. Conference presentation, June  2017: London, England.

Turner, N. Loy, K., Banow, R. & Drew, M. (2016). Co-creating first year course-based undergraduate research experiences at the University of Saskatchewan. Symposium presentation. Higher Education Refereed Conference, July 2016: Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Zink, L. & Loy, K. (2016). Coaching the ‘research arc’ through first-year course-based research experiences. Council on Undergraduate Research Biennial Conference Advancing Undergraduate Research Collaboration and Innovation in a Global Society; July 2016: Tampa FL, U.S.A.


University of Saskatchewan:
• Global Community Service Fund, Existing Partnerships Grant, Project in International Collaborative Teaching, 2018
• Global Ambassadors Fund, Project in International Collaborative Teaching, 2018
• Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL) Cluster Fund Grant, Gwenna Moss Centre for Teaching Effectiveness, Across Words and Worlds: Students’ collaborative literary study at Ahmedabad University and the University of Saskatchewan, 2017

TESL Saskatchewan, Jake Kutarna Professional Development Award, 2012

LERN International, Best Marketing Award, 2009

University of Saskatchewan:
• Hannon Travel Scholarship, 2006
• Nasser Scholarship Fund Bursary, Victor and Letha Colleaux Bursary, 2006
• College of Arts and Science Undergrad Scholarship, 2005
• Judge Hannon Department of English Scholarship, 2005

Canada Millennium Scholarship, 2005

Rotary International: One Year Student Exchange to Argentina, 1993-1994