COVIDSafe Campus: Teaching and Learning Resources

The health and safety of our campus community is a priority, as we return to campus and in-person learning this fall semester. This resource has been developed to help ensure a safe and supportive return to in-person teaching and learning. The Fall 2021 semester will be a period of both excitement and transition for our community, and a semester like no other. Staff and students are returning to campus with varying degrees of comfort, and we ask all to invoke kindness, compassion, and respect for each other as we teach and learn together this fall.

Teaching and learning in-person this semester with COVIDSafe protocols may be a new experience for academic staff, graduate teaching assistants, teaching support staff and students. We recommend that teaching teams (including course instructors, graduate teaching assistants and instructional support staff) engage in conversations around how to ensure a healthy, safe and inclusive learning environment, as well as with students on the first day or first week of class. Below are some resources that can help set up and maintain a positive learning environment.

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COVID-19 for Academic Staff FAQ

Answer your questions related to student and academic staff accommodations and support, classroom safety, and teaching supports and resources. 

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