How to apply for a PURE award

Students must follow the procedures and submit their application form for supervisor evaluation using the online system. 

Submit your PURE application

You can apply to the PURE program through the online consolidated application for summer research funding. In addition to the PURE program, the consolidated application for summer research funding includes: Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute (ACHRI), the Alberta Cancer Foundation (ACF)Alberta Innovates (AI), the Alberta Transplant Institute (ATI)O’Brien Centre Summer Studentships (OCSS), Biomedical Engineering (BME), McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, NSERC CREATE in Neurotechnologies, and the Libin Cardiovascular Health Research award.

Your supervisor will be asked to submit an evaluation form. They will not be able to complete their evaluation until after you complete your online form. They will receive an e-mail notification that you have submitted your report. 

Please do not submit any additional documents with your application other than what is asked for in the application directions. If you wish to have any supplemental information considered as part of your application, please give it to your supervisor who can consider it as part of his / her evaluation of your application.

Terms and conditions

PURE awards will be available for periods of 16 weeks, 12 weeks, or 8 weeks between May and August. Sixteen-week awards are in the amount of $7,500, 12-week awards in the amount of $5,625, and 8-week awards in the amount of $3,750.

Full-time commitment

Students must make a full-time commitment to their research during the period of the PURE award.

No academic course credit will be awarded for work funded by the PURE.

Ethics compliance

Research funded by a PURE award must comply with all University of Calgary guidelines concerning the conduct of research. The responsibility for adherence to these guidelines is jointly shared by the supervisor and recipient.

Original proposal

PURE proposals must originate with and be drafted chiefly by the student applicant. Students offered a PURE award will be required to accept or decline the offer by a date specified in the notification of the offer.

Single award

PURE award holders may not simultaneously hold any similar award, such as the Undergraduate Student Research Program (USRP) in Health and Wellness, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Awards for research in the natural sciences and engineering, O'Brien Centre Awards, etc. 

Application form content

You will need to provide specific information explaining your project in your application form. Please use accessible language so that even readers without your disciplinary background can understand your proposed project. 

Student application form

  • Title of proposed research project
  • Overview/abstract of the proposed research project (including objectives). Please use accessible language (300 words)
  • Highlight the originality and creative aspects of your research project (300 words)
  • Briefly explain the potential benefit this project will provide to you (300 words)
  • Tell us about any relevant professional, volunteer or academic experience that prepared you for succeeding with the proposed project (300 words)

Supervisor evaluation form

  • Supervisor’s Faculty and Department
  • Supervisor’s Letter of Support: Brief evaluation of the applicant's proposal including the likelihood of meeting the project's objectives (200 words)
  • Mentorship and Research environment in which the student will be working and include mentoring opportunities (200 words)

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How will my application be evaluated?

Your application evaluated based on your project description, originality, creativity and significance, potential benefits, background preparation and the quality of research/experience. Each application can be awarded a maximum of 30 points. 

Carefully review the rubric to understand how your project will be evaluated. 

More information

Can applications be submitted electronically?

Applications can only be submitted online through the summer studentship application portal.

Will applicants receive an acknowledgement that his/her application has been received?

Once your application is complete and submitted, you will see on the award portal dashboard that your application is complete. You will also receive notification that your supervisor has submitted their review.

Can I apply for other similar research awards?

Yes, but you may accept only one award. Since 2017 PURE, O'Brien, ATI, ACF, ACHRI, Libin and AIHS awards have shared a common application process starting in 2017. Students will automatically be considered for the appropriate award(s). 

When can my supervisor complete their reference?

As part of the application process, you will invite your supervisor to review and comment on your proposal. Once you have sent this request, your supervisor will be able to complete their portion of the application.

Can I change or view my application once it is submitted?

You will be able to edit and modify your application up until the application deadline even if you have already submitted your application. After the application deadline, you will no longer be able to make any changes.

How many students can a supervisor oversee?

To create the maximum number of PURE opportunities for students and supervisors, a supervisor must oversee only two students in the application system.