Postdoctoral Scholar Teaching Development

The Taylor Institute sees the development of scholarly teaching and learning skills, knowledge, and values as being key to a well-rounded postdoctoral experience and certificate programs in postsecondary teaching and learning provide excellent opportunities to achieve these goals. By offering a flexible learning experience that includes authentic, practical opportunities to apply their learning, participants are able to tailor our programming to their own needs.

Badges graphic

Take a workshop
New to teaching? Most of the workshops offered by the Taylor Institute are open to postdoctoral scholars. Specialized workshops are also available are part of our badge programs and the Postdoctoral Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.
Earn a badge
If you have completed a few of our workshops, you might be eligible for a digital badge — or microcredential — in any one of the five components of our University Teaching and Learning Development program. You may work on one badge at a time or multiple badges simultaneously.
Complete the certificate
The Postdoctoral Scholar Certificate in University Teaching & Learning is a flexible and comprehensive program that helps postdoctoral scholars develop a reflective, evidence-based, and theoretically-informed approach to teaching and learning. Participants complete all five badge programs to become eligible for the certificate.
More resources
The Taylor Institute offers comprehensive online resources to support postdoctoral teaching development, including guides, handouts and more. Click here to read the Academic Integrity Statement (including the Code of Conduct and FOIP statements). More resources for Postdocs will be posted shortly.