Job Opportunities at the Taylor Institute

Research Assistant, Chemistry Department

The position of Research Assistant reports to Dr. Jennifer D. Adams, Principal Investigator, and will work part-time on a variable schedule of not less than 3 hours nor more than 22.5 hours per week. This incumbent will work under close supervision in a research chemistry lab environment, performing routine tasks involving specialized lab equipment and facilities. The primary purpose of this position is to do a thorough literature review on creativity and STEM. The RA will also provide support during creativity and STEM meetings including logistical support and note-taking. Questions and applications should be forwarded to Dr. Jennifer Adams,, by February 28, 2018. See here for full job description. 


Research Assistant to Assess Students' Experiential Learning in Sustainability Studies Core Courses (Sept 2017-Sept 2018)

The Office of Sustainability seeks a graduate research assistant to assess student experiential learning in the four core courses of the new Embedded Certificate in Sustainability Studies beginning in the fall of 2017 at the University of Calgary. Students will engage in interdisciplinary experiential learning and research opportunities on and off-campus. The purpose of this project is an inquiry into student learning in sustainability, to better understand and evaluate the nature and value of student experiential learning in campus and community-partnered research projects, and to develop assessment tools for future instructors of the team-taught core courses, the larger goal is to ensure students are offered the greatest learning opportunities and outcomes possible. The Research Assistant’s (GARs) will help develop the assessment tools for this project, work with students in the core courses to determine their learning outcomes, and present the findings of this project at an end-of-year event where students will also showcase their work in these sustainability projects. See here for full job description.  Questions and applications should be sent to Sarah Skett in Sustainability Studies:


Research Assistant to Facilitate and Analyze Think-Alouds in SoTL Project with Surgeons (Jan - Dec 2018)

A team of surgeons conducting a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) project funded by a University of Calgary Teaching and Learning Grant seeks a graduate student with experience in conducting think-alouds (or think-aloud protocols, or talk-alouds).  The data collection and analysis--with surgical residents as the students--will occur from January to December 2018, but ideally the RA would begin earlier to become oriented to the project and the team. If interested, the RA would also have an opportunity to join the team in the operating room as part of the orientation to the project.  Applicants should submit a CV/resume and a cover letter identifying relevant areas of experience and expertise to the Office Manager of the Taylor Institute's Academic Director.

Research and Program Evaluation (Ongoing)

The Taylor Institute regularly seeks part-time undergraduate or graduate student assistance in its evaluation, enhancement, and development of programs and activities.  RAs are asked to, for example, research and prepare lit reviews and annotated bibliographies, conduct interviews and focus groups, work with data (e.g., transcribing, coding, analyzing qualitative and quantitative data), and/or work with technology (e.g., website maintenance).  Interested students may submit a CV/resume and a cover letter identifying specific areas of expertise and interest related to the above for us to keep on file as new opportunities arise. Submit these materials to the Office Manager of the Taylor Institute's Academic Director.