What does a pluralistic campus look like?

Fourth annual Pluralism and Religious Diversity Week March 12-16 features workshops, dialogues and photo exhibitions

Pluralism and Religious Diversity Week runs March 12 to 16.

By Kailey Lewis for Student and Enrolment Services

The University of Calgary’s Faith and Spirituality Centre works to promote religious pluralism on campus, which moves beyond acknowledging differences and focuses on understanding, participation and respecting others to create an inclusive campus open to all viewpoints.

The UCalgary campus is home to a diverse population of students, faculty and staff. It’s important for the campus community to be proactive in creating programming that is pluralistic to make our campus inclusive for all its members.

”Pluralism and Religious Diversity Week is a great way to expand student, staff, and faculty literacy and engagement when it comes to religious and cultural inclusion on campus. There are great opportunities to expand one’s lens and give back to the community,” says Adriana Tulissi, manager of the Faith and Spirituality Centre.

Pluralism and Religious Diversity Week is the Faith and Spirituality Centre and Department of Classics and Religion’s annual week-long event held March 12 to 16. The week will feature workshops, photo exhibits and keynote address.

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