Learning and teaching conference explores student-teacher dynamic

Conference call for proposals deadline Dec. 18

A growing body of research and practice focuses on student-faculty partnership in course design and delivery. Photos by Adrian Shellard, for the Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

By Mike Thorn, Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning

The shifting and dynamic relationship between teaching and learning undergirds the 2018 University of Calgary Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching’s topic: Students as Creators, Drivers, Innovators and Collaborators. This event will invite presenters and attendees alike to investigate the topic of student-directed education, in which success is measured in terms of the quality of student learning.

Petra McDougall, in the fifth year of her biological sciences PhD program, stresses the importance of collaborating with faculty. “Last year, I was lucky to be accepted into the first class of the SAGES Teaching Scholar program,” she recalls. “This program was unique in that we gained practical experience: first with our peers, and then in an undergraduate classroom under the guidance of a selected professor as a mentor.

"My mentor (Ralph Cartar) was happy to let me try out something new in the classroom. I was offered the opportunity to design a new activity, decide how to deliver it, determine how best to grade it, and, at the end of the course, evaluate its effectiveness — which is far more freedom than I had ever had as a TA.”

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