Instructional Skills Workshop

The Instructional Skills Workshop is an intensive four-day workshop that gives participants the chance to enhance their instructional skills (lesson planning, teaching, critical reflection and giving and receiving feedback). 

Benefits of ISW

Lesson plans

Develop lesson plans and actively practice teaching


Receive and deliver feedback in a supportive environment

Learner-centred teaching

Increase use of learner-centred teaching practices

Reflective practices

Enhance engagement in reflective practices

The Instructional Skills Workshop is an intensive, four-day workshop that gives participants the chance to enhance their teaching skills in a small group setting. The ISW is designed to help instructors strengthen their skills in lesson planning, teaching, critical thinking and giving and receiving feedback (Dawson et al., 2014).

The ISW uses an intensive, experiential learning approach, in which participants design and conduct three “mini-lessons” and receive feedback from others. Participants are provided with opportunities to explore teaching concepts, apply pedagogical theory to practice and engage in thoughtful discussion with peers.

Facilitator Development Workshop

The EDU also offers the Facilitator Development Workshop. The FDW is a four-day, intensive workshop for ISW graduates who are experienced instructors and wish to enhance their group facilitation skills. After completing the FDW, participants become part of a larger network of ISW facilitators and are able to build teaching capacity across campus by leading the ISW in their own departments, schools and faculties.


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