The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: A Web-Based Taylor Institute Guide

by Nancy Chick

SoTL is inquiry to understand or improve student learning in higher education and the teaching approaches and practices that affect student learning. SoTL is informed by relevant research on teaching and learning, and conducted by members of educational community from across campus who from their disciplinary expertise by gathering and analyzing relevant evidence from the learners in their own specific contexts.  As scholarship, SoTL is then shared broadly to contribute to knowledge & practices in teaching and learning.

The Taylor Institute's SoTL Guide is a website that contains two sections:

a two-part SoTL tutorial:  SoTL Guide Cover

Guide Part I: Understand SoTL

  • A Scholarly Approach to Teaching

  • Origins

  • Why Do SoTL?

  • The Scholarship of Teaching *and Learning*

Guide Part II: Do SoTL

  • Getting Started

  • Conducting a Lit Review

  • Doing SoTL Ethically

  • Identifying Evidence

  • Planning the Project Design

  • Analyzing Evidence

  • Going Public

  • Considering Quality

  • [References]

  • Want More?

a blog called The SoTL Guide.


Explore the SoTL Guide here.