During Teaching

Being effective.
Guides on the practices, activities, and tools of teaching and learning

  • Formative Feedback for Teaching Development is a comprehensive guide for instructors to receive feedback about their teaching with the goal of better understanding and improving student learning. The 28 page guide contains strategies, examples, resources, and references, with practical materials that are ready to use, and/or adapt. 


  • Peer observation of teaching programs are becoming increasingly popular in the postsecondary environment as they provide unique and valuable opportunities to learn from colleagues and to enhance one’s own teaching.  This guide outlines the Teaching Squares philosophy and method for peer observation of teaching and learning.  Practical directions and tools to guide square participants through the components of the Teaching Squares process are included in the document. The guide can be used or adapted to implement a teaching square with peers in your context.  


  • Discussion-based approaches to teaching and learning are those that rely predominantly on dialogue and discourse rather than didactic transmission of information.  This guide discusses the theoretical foundations of discussion-based pedagogy, and offers user templates for three specific discussion-based strategies that can be adapted for higher education classrooms across disciplines.