Graduate Student Teaching Squares Badge Program


4 months (fall or winter 2020)

Time commitment

12 hours




Instructor-led, peer observation, self-reflection, and group discussion

Program description

Teaching Squares is a structured program for graduate students where 3-4 peers agree to visit each other’s teaching activities once or twice over the course of a semester. Teaching Square participants then meet to discuss what they learned from their observations and reflections. This program requires 12 hours, which includes the training workshop, peer teaching observations, and reflection activities.

It is important to note that Teaching Squares are not peer critique and evaluation; rather, the focus is on observing and reflecting on what can be learned about one’s own teaching while observing one’s peers.

Teaching Squares initiatives are designed to enhance teaching and learning and to build community through a process of reciprocal peer observation, self-reflection, and group discussion. You can check-out the Taylor Institute Teaching Squares Guide for more details.

To participate in this program, please fill out the registration form linked below.

Important information

Registration for winter 2021 is now open. 

Winter 2021 extended registration deadline: Wednesday, January 27, 2021 at 11:59 PM MST



Upon completion of this program, participants will:

  • Observe, analyze, reflect on, and gain insights into their teaching development.
  • Increase appreciation of the work and teaching development of their peers.
  • Gather ideas for developing their teaching and learning philosophy and portfolio.
  • Formulate new teaching development goals for during their graduate studies and beyond.


  • Workshops: Complete a Teaching Squares training workshop, and attend wrap-up session.
  • Teaching Square Meetings: Attend initial and debrief meeting with Teaching Square peer group.
  • Observations: Observe 2-3 of peers’ teaching activities.
  • Debrief Report: Complete and submit the debrief report document based on observations.

Once you have completed the above criteria, you are eligible to receive the badge.