About Graduate Student Teaching

Looking to develop your teaching skills and expertise?

The Taylor Institute sees teaching development as a vital part of a robust graduate education at the University of Calgary. When students' experiences include authentic, practical opportunities to apply their learning, they are better able to tailor programming to meet their needs.

Most workshops offered by the Taylor Institute are open to graduate students. Specialized workshops are also available as part of our graduate student badge programs and the Graduate Student Certificate in University Teaching and Learning.

Earn a Badge

If you have completed a few of our workshops, you might be eligible for a digital badge — or microcredential — in one of the five components of our University Teaching and Learning Development program. You may work on one badge at a time or multiple badges simultaneously.

Complete the Certificate

The Graduate Student Certificate in University Teaching & Learning is a flexible and comprehensive program that helps graduate students develop reflective, evidence-based and theoretically informed approaches to teaching and learning. 

Graduate Student Badges Image