Open Classroom Week: CHEM 203

Open Classroom Week gives instructors the opportunity to observe what others are doing in their classrooms and engage in conversations about teaching with their colleagues. A number of instructors will open their classroom doors to allow their colleagues to watch them teach and observe their approaches to different classroom settings, teaching practices, technology applications and learning experiences.

CHEM 203 - General Chemistry: Change and Equilibrium
Location: SB 103
Yuen-ying Carpenter
Course description: An introduction to university chemistry from theoretical and practical perspectives that focuses on an exploration of the fundamental links between kinetics, equilibria and thermodynamics and explores acidity/basicity and redox behaviour using inorganic and organic examples.

Observers can expect to see teaching strategies including: Active learning / interactive lecture, Technology integration, Large classes

Are observers allowed to engage and participate in class?

  • Yes - Please use your best judgement - if students near you engage with you, feel free to join them in their small-group or peer-to-peer discussion if you feel comfortable, but, please do so as a peer - not as an "expert". Please let students drive the conversation if you do participate.

How can observers follow up if they have questions or would like more information?

  • Observers can follow up via email after class

Are there any observer expectations?

  •  N/A

Any additional information? 

  • Peer mentors will be helping to facilitate class discussions or activities on average for 1 lecture per week, but which day of the week peer mentors will be in attendance will vary depending on the content and activities planned that week. Observers joining in on different dates may, therefore, experience relatively different class dynamics.
October 11, 2017 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
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Educational Development
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