Community of Practice: Wellbeing in the Classroom

The Well-being in Higher Education Community of Practice (WHECoP) meets monthly from 1-3 pm. See the schedule. A Community of Practice is a group of people (in this case multi-disciplinary) who might not otherwise have a chance to interact on an on-going basis to collaborate on problem-solving, share best practices, create new knowledge and advance a domain of professional practice.

Join us to explore the multi-faceted construct of well-being, discuss the essential connections between learning and well-being in higher education, and share ideas, stories, and strategies to bring about student, staff, faculty, and institutional well-being. To support this discussion, we will be reading: Harward, D. W. (Ed.). (2016). Well-being and higher education: A strategy for change and the realization of education’s higher purpose. A free e-copy of this book will be emailed to the first 25 registrants.

Registration is required for each session. If you do not have a chance to read the chapters under discussion, come anyway! 

WHECoP welcomes all who are engaged in mentoring, teaching, learning, and interested in critical conversation and committed action towards well-being in our academy. For more information about this series, please email Rachael Crowder at

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"Well-being and higher education are connected, and those connections matter. They matter for the individual lives of the student and those who teach; they matter for the institution; they matter for the promise of a democratic civic society; and they matter for whether or not the unique and full promise of higher education—its greater purposes—can be advanced and realized." (Hayward, 2016, p.3)

November 1, 2017 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm
Learning Studio F (TI 250)
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Melissa Boyce
Rachael Crowder
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Educational Development
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