Community of Practice: Contemplative Pedagogy

Contemplative Pedagogy: Contemplative Photography and the Art of Deep Seeing

The question is not what you look at, but what you see. – Thoreau

Learning to see differently, more deeply and mindfully, is basically what contemplative photography is all about, but it is also much more – it is a starting point for reflection and meaningful conversations about our world and what is important to us. Hear the ways in which contemplative photography is being used in environmental studies, eco- and social-justice courses, and architecture, and explore how it might be integrated into the classes you are teaching. Come and experience the practice of contemplative photography with a community of practice and discuss how and why to use photography with your students to help them take a fresh look at, and better understand, their worlds and themselves. No photography experience is needed, nor is a fancy camera – just bring your smart phone (or DSLR if you have one), and a sense of adventure and fun.

Facilitator: Dianne Draper, Professor, Department of Geography

Contemplative methods unlock the innate yet often unexplored capacity for intuitive knowledge, expanded consciousness, unconditional compassion for self and others, appreciation for beauty, and creative fulfillment (Grace, 2011). Good judgment, creativity, compassionate action, social-emotional intelligence, and true insight depend on the ability for balanced reflection, on sustained attention to complex situations, and equanimity in the face of difficulty. In short, a genuine, integrative education calls for the cultivation of our contemplative capacities (Zajonc, 2016).

This is the final offering of the Community of Practice in Contemplative Pedagogy (CP CoP) for this term. For more information about the CP CoP please contact:

Rachael Crowder,
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Social Work
University of Calgary Teaching Scholar

May 9, 2018 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Learning Studio C (TI 120)
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Rachael Crowder
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