Blended Learning: Integrating the online and classroom environments

Blended learning is the integration of on-campus learning experiences with online learning experiences (Kanuka & Rourke, 2013). While many institutions across Canada are offering blended learning courses, studies indicate that designing for an effective blended learning experience relies on how we view and use technology to enhance student learning, how we use class time, and how we share our experiences and understanding of the teaching and learning process (Kanuka & Rourke, 2013). In this workshop, we will use a variety of pedagogical approaches to explore ways we can gradually integrate learning technologies into a blended learning course to optimize student learning.

Kanuka, H., & Rourke, L. (2013). Using blended learning strategies to address teaching development needs: How does Canada compare? Canadian Journal of Higher Education 43(3), 19-35.

January 17, 2018 - 10:00am to 12:00pm
Learning Studio E (TI 148)
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Educational Development
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