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Learn about the proposal submission and peer-review process. 

  1. How do I submit my proposal?

    If you are interested in submitting a proposal, you must create an account in the Open Conference System and upload your proposal (including author biographies and abstract). 

  2. How many proposals can I submit?

    Interested presenters can submit a maximum of two proposals as primary author. 

  3. How do two (or more) authors create an account in OCS?

    Only one author can create an account, although the account information and password can be passed along to other authors in order to track the submission through the review process. Additional authors can be added to the proposal during the submission process by editing the submission metadata.

Find out more about how to register and what you need to pay. 

  1. What are the registration policies/terms and conditions?

    Conference registration must be paid in full one week prior to the conference start. 

    All authors who plan to attend the conference must pay the conference registration fee. 

    Cancelation requests must be submitted in writing to ticonf@ucalgary.ca. No refunds are available after April 28, 2020. Refunds requested prior to this date are evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 

  2. What is included in my registration fee?

    All keynotes and sessions on May 4 and May 5 are included in the registration fee. All conference delegates receive a free conference print program. 


    • May 4 breakfast, lunch and snacks and a reception
    • May 5 breakfast, lunch and snacks

    Accommodation and transportation are not included; nor is the pre-conference professional development session.  

  3. Do students and UCalgary employees receive special pricing?

    Yes, students and UCalgary employees receive discounted conference pricing. 

    Authorized volunteers are exempt from paying the conference fee. 

Find out what you need to know about scheduling sessions. 

  1. What should I know about scheduling sessions?

    Unlike past years, 2020 conference delegates can now register for specific conference sessions. Space in sessions and labs is limited. Delegates should arrive at least three minutes before the session begins to secure their seat — regardless if you registered for the session. Late delegates may lose their seat in the session if the session is full. 

  2. When will the full schedule be available?

    The full conference schedule will be available when registration opens. Note the schedule can change up until the first day of the conference. We aim to finalize the conference schedule two weeks before the conference; however, unforeseen circumstances can necessitate a last-minute change or cancellation. 

    Room assignments can also change based on session demand. 

  3. Will I get copies of the presentations and materials?

    We will post presentations the week of Summit for all breakouts for which we are permitted to share such documents. Some of our speakers are bound by copyright or licensing agreements and therefore do not permit us to make their materials available for download.

    Conference proceedings are available for download on the open-access journal Papers on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching. 

Find answers to your questions about hotel and travel, volunteering and accessibility. 

  1. Where I can stay in Calgary?

    We encourage conference delegates to stay at Hotel Alma located on the University of Calgary main campus. Quick public transit to and from the downtown core is available from the main campus. 

  2. Can I volunteer for the conference?

    University of Calgary undergraduate students, graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are eligible to apply to volunteer. Successful applicants will have their full conference fee waived. Volunteers are expected to attend a one-hour orientation prior to the conference and must volunteer for at least eight hours throughout the two-day conference. 


  3. What is your policy on accessibility?

    The Taylor Institute for Teaching and Learning welcomes the participation of individuals with special requirements and we will make every effort to provide reasonable accommodations to enable equitable participation at the conference. 

    If you have a special request related to accessibility, please submit your request to ticonf@ucalgary.ca before April 15, 2020. Requests are honoured to the maximum extent possible.