2023 Conference on Postsecondary Learning and Teaching

Conference schedule

Pre-conference: Wednesday, April 26, 2023

*Limited space available. 

All times listed are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). 

Time Session
9 a.m. - 12 p.m. Workshop: Dr. Sarah Eaton, PhD
1 - 4 p.m. Workshop: Dr. Jesse Stommel, PhD


Conference, Day 1: Thursday, April 27, 2023

All times listed are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). 

Time Session
8:30 - 10:30 a.m. Conference openingElder blessing and Keynote: Dr. Aubrey Hanson, PhD
10:45 a.m. - 12:15 p.m. Block 1: Interactive sessions
12:15 - 1:15 p.m. Networking and lunch break
1:15 - 2:45 p.m. Block 2: Interactive sessions
3 - 4 p.m. Block 3: Interactive sessions
4 - 5 p.m. Ignite sessions


Conference, Day 2: Friday, April 28, 2023

All times listed are in Mountain Daylight Time (MDT). 

Time Session
8:30 - 10:15 a.m. Keynote: Dr. Maha Bali, PhD
10:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. Block 1: Interactive sessions
12 - 1 p.m. Networking and lunch break
1 - 2:30 p.m. Block 2: Interactive sessions and digital poster sessions
2:45 - 3:45 p.m. Block 3: Interactive sessions
4 - 4:30 p.m. Block 4: Interactive sessions
4:30 - 5 p.m. Conference closing and Elder blessing


60-minute interactive sessions (online)

These interactive sessions provide a forum for collaborative interaction and discussion of ideas through individual workshops, panel discussions, roundtables, creative performance, or other forms of interactive engagement. These sessions may be designed to critically examine topics, explore issues and develop strategies related to the conference theme.

30-minute research presentations and discussion (online)

These sessions provide a focused opportunity for delegates to interactively present and facilitate dialogue and discussion on a topic or issue related to the conference theme. For example, presenters could share highlights of research findings, showcase a best practice or profile an initiative or partnership. All presentations will include opportunities for discussion and dialogue. 

Digital poster presentations (online)

A digital poster is an electronic presentation of a research or topic. Digital posters can be static, like a conventional academic poster, or dynamic like a PowerPoint. Digital poster presentations provide an opportunity to visually communicate and share practices, research findings or early-stage research projects relevant to the conference theme. Sessions will begin with a 5-minute video, followed by open discussion and questions from delegates.

Ignite sessions (online)

Ignite presenters will have five minutes to present, in succession, followed by a moderated group Q&A.

A National Consortium to Improve Equity in University Science Courses | 60 minutes

J. Stang, J. Stewart, T. Kelly, E. Saville, Y. Egorova, J. Ives, A. Ashok

Building an Online Language Course and Assessment: Academic- Community Partnership | 30 minutes

F. Mace

Building Collective Capacity for Online Teaching and Learning | 30 minutes

A. Hartwell, C. Thomas

Building Online Professional Learning Communities for Practicing Teachers | 30 minutes

A. Aljarrah, A.P. Preciado Babb

Building Resilience to False Information: An Instructional Toolkit | 30 minutes

J. Wheeler, S. Beatty, D. Lorenzetti, H. Ganshorn, R. Reaume, R. Tiessen, B. Chiang, M. Halajian

Can we Really be Hybrid? Gains and Challenges in Library Service in a Hybrid World | 60 minutes

M. Goodridge, R. Sakowski

Collectively Transforming Graduate Certificates from Blended to Online | 60 minutes

L. Nowell, A. Porter, K. Shapkin

Collective Storytelling for Transformation | 60 minutes

T. Jeffery- Novak, C. De Los Santos, L. Howard

Communicating Effectively with TAs in Blended and Online Learning | 30 minutes

R. Jivani, C. Carley, X. Virtue, K. Dias, A. Wright

Creating Equitable and Inclusive Classrooms Through Significant Learning Taxonomy | 60 minutes

L. Behjat, Y. Jazayeri, R. Paul, M. Potter

Creating Inclusive Intercultural Learning Environments: Canada and Nepal | 60 minutes

C. Walsh, R. Duhungel, H. Curties

Curating with First-Year Students: Online Exhibit Storytelling and IRL (In Real Life) Shifts in Perspective | 30 minutes

R. Wen- Paloutzian, L. Poladian

Designing for Every Student: Embedding Social Justice in Course Design and Delivery | 60 minutes

F. Usman, E. Elkhoury

Digital Literacy Development: What We Can Do in Our Classes | 60 minutes

K.-M. Fedorko- Bartos, J. Lock

Engagement and Satisfaction: Mixed‑Method Analysis of Blended Learning in the Sciences | 30 minutes

S. Lane

Experiential Learning and the Role of Feedback in Online Learning | 30 minutes

H. Kanuka

Face-to-Face Assessment & Feedback: An Innovative Clinical Supervision Strategy | 60 minutes

D. Pirani, S. Carroll

Fostering Meaningful CSL Experiences in a Virtual Setting | 60 minutes

C. Kreller

From 2020 to 2023: Updating Principles for Meaningful Online Assessment | 60 minutes

K.A. Grant, A. Wright, L. Anselmo

From Print to OER: Converting a Published Textbook to an Open Educational Resource | 30 minutes

S. Bartolic, K. Wesselow

Honouring Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Indigenous Knowledges in the Classroom | 30 minutes

R. Alba

How 20 Canadian Postsecondary Programs Responded to the Pandemic | 30 minutes

P. Danyluk, A. Burns

Improving Mental Health Resources and Support in Ethnic Minority and Immigrant Students in Post-Secondary Education | 30 minutes

M. Mohamad, E. Abou El-Niaje

Inclusive Practices: Design Thinking, Appreciative Inquiry and UDL | 60 minutes

D. LaRocco

Indigenous Student Perspectives on Undergraduate Research Programming | 60 minutes

S.-M. Livingstone, K. Flanagan, A. Tesarek Kincaid, J. Bobosky

Integrating Reflection in a University Science Class Online and In-Person | 60 minutes

M. Arcellana- Panlilio

Learning from the Land: Place-Based Learning for Building Intercultural Competency | 30 minutes

L. Amundsen- Meyer, K. Pennanen, K. Turner, P. Campos Diaz

Learning How to Create a Positive Classroom Culture Using Online Modules | 30 minutes

P. Danyluk, E. McNeilly, K. Crawford, R. Bene, R. Pagaling

Mental Health and Peer Mentorship: Preparing Students to be Effective Peer Mentors | 30 minutes

D. Lorenzetti, T. Clancy, M. Jacobsen, L. Lorenzetti, L. Nowell, E. Oddone Paolucci

Methodological Challenges of Online Delivery | 30 minutes

S. Ciezar Andersen, K. King-Shier, T. Campbell, D. White

Métis Communities of Practice in Virtual Spaces | 60 minutes

J. Markides, L. Forsythe, L. Fowler

Online Supervision and Effective Program Designs in Graduate Education | 30 minutes

M. Jacobsen, S. Friesen, S. Becker

Ranking and Grouping of Teaching Assistants | 30 minutes

N. Marei, G. Nafie

Full title: "Ranking and Grouping of Teaching Assistants: Exploring Its Impact on Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes in Courses with Experiential Components"

Rebuilding the Table: Components of Radical Accessibility in Community College | 60 minutes

C. Zufelt

Reflection on Faculty Participation, or Lack of, in Test Anxiety Professional Development | 30 minutes

T. McDermott, J. Thannhauser, T. Qiao

Reimagining French Grammar Courses Through an EDI Perspective | 30 minutes

H. Hakeem, L. Million

Reimagining Reflective Activities in Your Blended and Online Teaching | 60 minutes

N. Sandblom, É. Campbell, B. Gilbert

Re-Visioning Higher Education Post-Pandemic | 60 minutes

K. Dias, R. Jivani, A. Wright, C. Flynn

Self-Paced SoTL and Reflecting on Student Learning: A Blended Learning Story | 60 minutes

C. Din, M. MacInnis

Speed Interviewing: Experiential Learning in the Fast Lane | 60 minutes

D. Rancourt

Supporting Students in the Publishing Process: A Blended Learning Approach | 30 minutes

C. Hurrell, S. Beatty, J. Lee, C. McClurg, J. Murphy, D. Cramer

Supporting Students in Transition Using Design Thinking | 60 minutes

P.F. Donohue, V. Hirsche

Supporting Transition to University: A ‘Students as Partners’ Approach | 60 minutes

R. Ross, C. Riben, V. Jang, S. AbuFarha

Teaching Hybrid: Opportunities, Considerations, and Strategies | 60 minutes

A. Parker

The Experiential Learning Map: A Holistic Curriculum Design Tool | 60 minutes

M. Saggar, A. de Koning, J. McArdle, A. Chourdhary

Transform Learning and Student Engagement with Visual Preference Surveys | 60 minutes

A. Choudhary, J. McArdle, M. Saggar, A. de Koning

Transforming Academic Integrity Course Design from Reactive to Proactive | 60 minutes

L. Anselmo, S. Eaton

Transforming Online Teaching Through Indigenous Ways of Being and Connecting | 60 minutes

V. Cortés, C. Schlattner, K. Loffler, T. Brigham

Understanding Effective Use of Interactive Digital Learning Tools | 60 minutes

E. Marasco

Using Mental Health and Wellness as a Framework for Online Course Design | 60 minutes

K.A. Grant, P. Dyjur

Using Multi-Modal Artifacts of Experiential Learning Online | 30 minutes

Full title: "Using Multi-Modal Artifacts of Experiential Learning Online: Using Multi-Modal Artifacts of Experiential Learning Online to Enable Critical Reflection, Collaboration and Evaluation in a Transdisciplinary Undergraduate Course"

T. Halliday, S. Cannon, K. Blair, G. CoultonT. Halliday, S. Cannon, K. Blair, G. Coulton

Virtual Gaming Simulation to Promote IPE in Learning About Gender-Based Violence | 60 minutes

A. Jenney, J. Koshan, C. Ferreira, N. Pronyshyn, T. Johnson, A. Allison, C. Tortorelli, L. Forsyth, K. Wollny, B. Krut, G. Bagstad, N. Nikdel

A Framework to Integrate SoTL and HCI Research Approaches | 30 minutes

D. Norman

A Reflection on Diversity in Sustainability Learning from Teachers and Students | 30 minutes

C. Daly, F. Dickson, V. Santafe Tronscoso, J. Mulangu

A Reflective Tool to Support Teaching for Creativity and Equity in STEM | 60 minutes

S. El Halwany, S. Marlow, K. Turner, J.D. Adams

An Online Intervention to Improve Mental and Physical Health of Students | 30 minutes

S. Ciezar Andersen

Aoki’s Interspace for Settler-Indigenous Relationships in Higher Education | 30 minutes

J. Mooney

Called to Action: Forum Theatre as Anti-Racism Practice in Nursing Education | 30 minutes

H. Bensler, M. Scott

Campus as a Learning Lab: Advancing Sustainability on Campus Through Online Learning Partnerships | 60 minutes

T. Milnes

Capitalizing on Student Experiences Through Social and Experiential Learning | 30 minutes

E. Laios, L. Jardine, J. Kaya, S. Nizamuddin, R. Dressler

Centering Indigenous Knowledge Through an Indigenous Content Requirement | 30 minutes

A. Vaillancourt, D. Baxter, L. Ray

Co-Creating 100 UDL Activities in Blended & Online Courses | 60 minutes

A. Wright, P. Dyjur

Creating Accessible Spaces for Experiential Learning in an Online Environment: How to Do the Lab Without Being Physically There | 30 minutes

A. Harlick, P. Gimby, W. Ernst

Critical Collaboration Among Students, Teachers, and a Mapuche Elder | 60 minutes

C. Rozanski, S. Rodriguez Huenchullan

Design and Evaluation of Trans-Affirming Clinical Care Training | 30 minutes

C. Luszawski, M. Patton, B.A. McArthur

Design Thinking on Experiential Learning: Lessons Learned Through the Age of COVID | 60 minutes

L. Barr, L. Ferguson

Developing Pre-Service Teachers’ Professional Skills Through Online Group Work | 30 minutes

A. Hartwell, B. Nogueira, C. Thomas, B. Brown

Digital Learning and Covid-19’s Impact on Undergraduate Nursing Education | 30 minutes

R. Martens

Disrupted Experiential Learning During COVID-19 | 30 minutes

T. Kapoyannis, A. Kendrick, P. Danyluk

Engagement of Calculus Students in a Flipped Learning Environment | 30 minutes

A. Aljarrah, E. Curry, C. Cochran, J. Hooper, R. Karsten

Enhancing Undergraduate Labs for Experiential Learning | 30 minutes

M. Love, P. Egberts, J. Wong, M. Nightingale

Fostering a Teaching and Learning Opportunity: Toward Equity in Student Feedback of Teaching | 30 minutes

M. McDonald, M.-A. Noble

From Risks to Pivots: Using the Student Voice to Inform Practice | 30 minutes

C. Whidden, L. Boschman, J. McLester, C. Andjelic, C. Gust, K. McDowall

Here to Help: Pandemic Pedagogy Makes for Face-to-Face Change | 30 minutes

M. Bylsma

Investigating Teaching Styles in Upper Year Science Laboratory Courses | 30 minutes

N. Sadiq, T. Qureshi

Learning How to Live: Decolonizing and Indigenizing Education | 60 minutes

J. Schmidt

Leveraging Digital Technologies to Foster Virtual Caring Skills and Competencies | 30 minutes

L. Nowell, D. Lorenzetti, M. Jacobsen, E. Oddone-Paolucci, L. Lorenzetti, A. Paolucci

Leveraging Graduate Student Voices in Online Supervisory Development | 30 minutes

M. Jacobsen, S. Johnston, T. Shandro, A. Paquette

Low-Residency Practice-Based Graduate Programs: A Discussion | 60 minutes

T. Halliday, E. Provost Chartrand, A. Livingston, J. Eiserman, C. Halliday, J.-R. Leblanc

Online Offline: Poetry Readings with a Turn and a Twist | 60 minutes

P. Kelly, R. Paul, C. Dinn, C. Ginn

Popular Culture as Resource in Online Professional Education | 30 minutes

K. Jubas, D. Rooney, F. Patten

Post-Pandemic Feedback Practices in Higher Education | 30 minutes

Full title: Post-Pandemic Feedback Practices in Higher Education: An Investigation of Changes in Instructor to Student Feedback in a Teaching-Focused University

B. Paris, B. Magrill

Preparing Preservice Teachers to Solve for Inequities Using Liberatory Design | 30 minutes

C. Tapley, L. Murray- Chandler

Program Innovation: Where are we Now? And Where to Next? | 60 minutes

J.L. Carter, K. Hoglund, E. Pando, J. Revington

Reaching Refugees Through Online Learning: Successes, Failures, and Lessons Learned | 30 minutes

S. Nizamuddin

Rethinking Practical Learning in Service- Oriented Professional Education in the Post-Pandemic Era | 30 minutes

O. Onororemu, C. Sanders, J. Alschech

Role-Playing Games as a Tool for Blended and Online Learning | 30 minutes

N. Robles Bastida

Seeking Self-Directed Discovery in Experiential Learning: Meeting the need | 60 minutes

J. Mann-Johnson

Students with Disabilities’ Experiential Learning Experiences | 30 minutes

S. Liu, M. deBraga, S. Kamenetsky

Transform and Roll Out: Robots and the Future of Learning and Teaching | 60 minutes

L. Wu, T. Kendon, J. Aycock

Transformative Crits: Adapting an Undergraduate Design Studio Course | 60 minutes

B. Wylant

Transforming High-Enrollment Foundational Courses for Student Success | 60 minutes

L. Genova, J. Lunden, D. Dawson, A. McDuell

Transforming Online Education in the Era of Reconciliation | 60 minutes

E. Spring, A. Hanson, A. Dressler, M. Plante

Transforming Teaching Development: Intentional Design of Learning Spaces | 30 minutes

E. Renoe, S. Hampton, J. Vent-Schmidt, J. Chan, B. Komlos

Undergraduate Students’/ Instructors’ Perceptions and Use of Exemplars | 60 minutes

K. Koh, E. Kowch, K.A. Grant, R. Bene, S. Liu, C. McGuinness

Using a Digital Clinical Tracking Tool to Support Student Assessment in Clinical Practice | 30 minutes

A. O'Rae, K. Peters, J. Burkett, Z. Shajani, C. Laing

Using Technology in Social Work Field Education: Study Findings from the Transforming the Field Education Landscape (TFEL) Partnership | 30 minutes

S. Salim, K. Khatiwada, M. Choudhury, J. Drolet

Using ThingLink as an Educational Roadmap for Evidence Synthesis Learners | 30 minutes

B. Chiang, C. McClurg

Where to Next: Reflecting on Our Experiences with Online and Blended Learning | 60 minutes

N. De Silva, J. Lock

Who’s the Boss? Students as Partners for Mutually Beneficial Learning | 60 minutes

R. Peschl, J. Knibbe

A Sustainable Approach to Learning: Lessons Learned from the Implementation of an Online Community of Practice Engaging in Restorative Practices

L. Jardine, B. Moya, E. Laios

Academic Libraries and the Pandemic: Lessons Learned and Future Plans

K. Mahsud, S. Ansar

Addressing Physical Health Drawbacks and Concerns Within Postsecondary Online Learning

Full title: Addressing Physical Health Drawbacks and Concerns Within Postsecondary Online Learning Through Analysis, Criticism, Sustainability and Improvement

M. Mohamad

Advancing Water Literacy and UN SDG6 Through Experiential Learnings

K. Fatima

EDI Curriculum Needs Assessment for Students of Medicine

P. Campbell, B. AlMousawi, P. Roach

Enhancing Critical Reflection During the Graduate Internship Experience

F. Glatz, N. Wilkinson-Houghton

Enhancing Online Instruction Through Digital Assets

J. Evanick

Faculty Members’ Views and Beliefs about HyFlex Teaching

F. dos Santos Nogueira de Goes, S. Bratt, F. Mohamed

Has the Pandemic Affected Student/Faculty’s Use and Perception of UDL?

L.N. Kennette, M. Chapman

How Online Learning Can Aid in Student Mental Health Post-Pandemic

H. Peschl, R. Peschl

Hybrid Play for Collective Learning

S. Abegglen, F. Neuhaus, S. Schneider

In-Class Gaming to Improve Students’ Learning Experiences in Dental Education

N. Sharmin, C. Chow

Interdisciplinary Training for Future Leaders Through a Graduate Program

M. Gawalko, M. Springle, S. Jones, L. Pezer, T. O'Neill, D. Eaton

International Students Challenges During the Pandemic in Higher Education

M. Mushfiq

Natura ex Machina: Digitization as a Teaching and Learning Tool in Biology

K. Duclos, M. Seal, R. Alexander, S. Anderson, A. Carson, M. Eggermont, M. Summers

Online Learning and Cultural Differences in International Higher Education

T. Du

Promoting Human Flourishing within Online Learning Environments

T. Clancy, H. Bensler

Queer Pedagogy in Higher Education Classrooms: A Scoping Review

X. Virtue, C. Carley, A. Wright

Reimagining Family Theory: Students as Partners in Course Redesign

S. Bartolic, A. Alexander

Shifting Landscape of International Practicum

K. Khatiwada, M. Choudhury, S. Salim, J. Drolet

Teacher-Student Reflections: Education Pre-, During and Post-COVID-19

R.T. Squance, B.H.C. Cheung

The Context of Blended Learning Environments: Lessons we have Learned

S. Hirst, C.-L. LeNavenec

Transformational Encounters: An Online Dialogical Partnership

A. Williams, S. Hart

Variations on a Theme: Evolving Foci in Course (re)Design Workshops

L. Weaver, C. Hoessler, C. Ives

What do you Meme? Investigating the use of Memes as a Learning Tool in Zoology Courses

A.J. Ashbaugh, J. Theodor, M. Summers

Whiteboard Animation for Dental Education

N. Sharmin, A. Chow, M. Caronaro

Why Introduce Entrepreneurial Thinking to Undergraduate Engineering Students?

G. Nafie, N. Marei