Vivian Hansen

2017 Award for Continuing and Professional Education

Teaching Background and Experience
I have taught the following kinds of courses… poetry, introduction to creative writing, proprioceptive writing, creative nonfiction and fiction.

I have used the following kinds of teaching / assessment strategies… Rubrics for highly subjective benchmarking, groupwork, essay critique, and mentorship.

Teaching Philosophy
I believe that teaching is/should be…a mentorship, and facilitation of experiential learning

I believe that students need to be encouraged to find their voice and creativity.

Teaching and research complement one another because… my research and activity writing inform my lessons in the classroom.

Teaching Tips
What I find most rewarding about teaching is – leading students to discovery.

Based on my instructional experiences, here are some things I would recommend:

· To new instructors – be kind to yourself and exercise discernment with criticism.

· To seasoned instructors – always be open to new ideas and occasional criticism.

Vivian Hansen