Community of Practice on Teaching Graduate Students

This community of practice is open to faculty and instructors in the Faculty and Arts.

There is an inordinate amount of research and discussion about undergraduate pedagogy, but a real dearth when it comes to talking about how we teach graduate students and how they learn. This group aims to address this gap. In its inaugural term this fall, this Taylor Institute-sponsored group will explore two or three questions concerning graduate pedagogy through readings and discussions and explore other possible ways of building know-how about this subject. 


The next meeting of the Grad Teaching and Learning CoP will take place on Tuesday, October 31, from 2-3 pm in Studio A of the Taylor Institute. We’ll discuss how to formulate developmentally and disciplinarily appropriate pedagogies for graduate students. A reading for the meeting will be sent out about a week in advance. Please register here ( Coffee and snacks will be provided. People should feel free to attend even if you couldn’t make it to the first meeting 


Contact Faye Halpern at  

Potential Benefits of Joining

  • Share and learn classroom strategies to experiment with in your grad classes
  • Develop or contribute to research questions to guide future projects concerning graduate teaching and learning
  • Join a community of people interested in a similar topic
  • And last but not least, enjoy delicious (we hope) lunches and snacks